Holiday Gift Guide: for the College Student [2019]

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Wow, how is this the last gift guide of 2019 already?! I can't believe it's going to be Christmas soon...where has December gone? The items in this guide are curated with college students in mind, but they're great ideas for anyone you're shopping for. In no particular order, let's get into my top product picks for college students!

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[ 1 ] V I T A M I N S  +  S U P P L E M E N T S

Hum Nutrition

You might think it's weird to give vitamins as a gift, but really, it says "I care about you, and I want you to feel your best!". As you can probably tell by the picture above, I'm a HUGE Hum Nutrition fan. Almost every college student I know takes some kind of daily vitamin or supplement, so why not gift them some Hum Nutrition?! What makes this brand so unique is the quiz they have you take that is then reviewed by a Registered Dietician. Then, you are given a list of recommended vitamins/supplements! They use clean, clinically proven ingredients that you can feel good about putting in your body. My two new favorite supplements are Mighty Night and Uber Energy. Mighty Night is an "overnight cell renewal for skin and body". It's not a sleeping pill, but it helps promote optimal sleep. While you're snoozing away, it improves cell turnover - meaning when you wake up, the texture and tone of your skin will be improved (if you take it regularly). My other favorite, Uber Energy, "supports natural energy through adrenal strength". We all know a college student who needs more energy, and this is the perfect, healthy way to reduce fatigue and increase productivity! If you want to learn more about Hum Nutrition, you can check out a blog post I did with them earlier in the year HERE

[ 2 ] S E A  S A L T  T R I A N G L E  B R A


You might have seen this brand in one of last year's gift guides, and I love them so much that I wanted to include another Meer bra this year! These wire-free bras have totally changed the game for me. I first found out about this brand when I lived in Austin (they're based there), and I've been hooked ever since. Their tagline is "from work to workout, to the outdoors and out at night," and it's true - their bras can do it all! These are so comfy, you don't even feel like you're wearing a bra, but you still have the support you need. College students love to be comfy, so pick up a few Meer bras for the college girl on your list - she will love you for it! My favorites are the Sea Salt Triangle Bra and the Plum as You Are O.G. Sport Bra. With all the cute patterns and colors available, you're sure to find something for every woman on your list!

[ 3 ] D O G  B R E E D S  S T I C K E R  P A C K

Emily M Designs

Who's a good boy?! Tell me I'm not the only person out there who says this every time a dog walks by...Moral of the story: dogs are awesome, and pretty much everyone loves them. These adorable dog stickers by Emily M Designs make me smile every time I see them. The pack comes with 2 of each sticker, and it's only $4! How can you beat that? They're super sticky and high quality, and did I mention how cute they are?! Did you know studies show that looking at pictures of dogs can actually increase attention and concentration? We all know a college student who could use a little more of that. Your college student will love to give these adorable stickers a home on their laptop case!

[ 4 ] L I P  V E L V E T  T R I O :  N E W  S H A D E S

Clove + Hallow

Nothing makes a girl feel more put together than a touch of lipstick. From a night out with friends to a job interview, this Velvet Lip Trio set has her covered. This set includes 3 new lip shades from Clove + Hallow - Ellijay, a peachy nude; Sangria, a deep burgundy wine; and Fever, a burnt terracotta. Aside from these being the most gorgeous, versatile colors on the planet, these liquid lipsticks are the cleanest long-wear lipstick on the market. They're made from 100% cruelty-free ingredients, and the smudge-proof matte formula will stay on your college student's lips all day and all night. They have some other pretty colors available too. I know I can't wait to wear mine every day next semester; your college student will love them too!

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[ 5 ] W A N D E R  D I F F U S E R  +  E S S E N T I A L  O I L S 


Essential oil diffusers are very popular right now, and with good reason. Nothing helps take the edge of a busy day in college quite like the Wander Cordless Aroma Diffuser by Ellia Essentials. Your college student can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy from the comfort of their dorm or apartment. Most dorms don't allow candles, and this is the perfect flame-free alternative. Not sure what essential oils to pair it with? The Breathe Deep Essential Oil set is amazing, and it's great for people who are just starting out with essential oils. Oil diffusers reduce stress, boost mental clarity, and soothe your body and mind. Your college student will be feeling relaxed in no time with their new diffuser

[ 6 ] S I L I C O N E  S T R A W S

Go Sili

Small changes, like eliminating plastics straws, are what really make a difference in the environment. Your college student will love Go Sili's Silicone Straws - they're available at Target, so you can pick some up on your next shopping trip! I love these straws so much because they're thick and durable, yet easy to clean. They come in so many fun colors, and there are even two different lengths available. These have become a staple for me! A pack of these straws would be the perfect stocking stuffer for your college student, and they will love using them every day while they sip iced coffee from it on the way to class!

[ 7 ] H A N D - P O U R E D  C A N D L E S

Happy Place Candle Co

When you buy a candle from a business with "happy" in their name, you know it's gonna be good. A college student can never have too many candles on hand, especially when they're as good as the ones from Happy Place Candle Co. The Cranberry + Pine and Snow + Fir candles smell like the holidays. Each candle burns for 40+ hours, so it's the perfect way for your college student to reminisce about break when school starts back up again. The packaging of these candles is beautiful too, so it's like a 2-in-1 gift; a yummy smelling candle and a beautiful piece of apartment decor! 

[ 8 ] J E R S E Y  B A T H R O B E

Lands' End

Bathrobes are a major necessity for college students, no matter where they're living. They pretty much have to have one in dorms (we all love those community showers), and even when they have an apartment, they'll want the perfect robe to cozy up in after a long day. I can't get enough of my Lands' End Robe. It's made from Supima cotton, which is thick, soft, and drapes without clinging. I have one in a pretty pale pink color, but there are many colors available. Want to complete the set? Get your college student a pair of fuzzy slippers to go with the robe. I got the ones pictured above at Old Navy, and they are the BEST!

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[ 9 ] P H O N E  C A S E


For as long as I've owned a cellphone, I've been buying cases from Case-Mate. There are hundreds of cases available for every style! This Tough Neon case is a really fun option for college students. Case-Mate is the industry leader in premium phone cases and accessories. The quality of their cases is unmatched. A phone case is the perfect gift for your college student, and they will love looking at the case you picked out for them every day!

[ 1 0 ] A X I S  S W E A T S H I R T

United by Blue

Sweatshirts are pretty much the college uniform; get your college student this ethically-made one for the holidays! United by Blue is an environmentally responsible brand that makes clothing and accessories. The brand has removed over 2 MILLION pounds of trash from the ocean - how amazing is that?! The Axis Sweatshirt has a beautiful herringbone design and contrasted panel pieces on the sleeves. Your college student won't want to take it off!

[ 1 1 ] T E X A S  O R N A M E N T

Hemlock & Heather

Hemlock & Heather makes the most beautiful reclaimed wood art. This little Texas ornament is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Texas! They also have large wall hangings that can be customized for the state you live in - this is an awesome gift for the college student who has their own apartment or house. Items from Hemlock & Heather are timeless investment pieces that anyone would love to see under the Christmas Tree. 

[ 1 2 ] C U S T O M  T U M B L E R

May Designs

You all know how much I love May Designs! They sell so many fun cups, notebooks, planners, and accessories that are all fully customizable with one of their 100+ prints. Coffee cups are another go-to gift when you aren't sure what to get someone. Every college student needs an insulated mug to drink their morning coffee out of! I don’t know about you, but I have felt like I'm "Making it up as I go" once or twice (okay maybe a million times) when I was in college and as I “adult” in the real world. This cup makes me smile and put things into perspective--you don’t have to have it together all of the time. Sometimes we make it up as we go and it turns out better than we ever anticipated. It’s funny how a cute cup that keeps my drinks at the temperature I want for hours inspires me and helps me put things into perspective every time I take it out. Who knew!

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[ 1 3 ] D O P P  K I T

Drunk Elephant

Girls need a variety of zipper bags and pouches to store all their stuff in. The Dopp Kit by Drunk Elephant is the perfect size to store all of your college student's makeup in. It's also durable and washable (a must). The Dopp Kit is perfect for travel, daily use, and lugging around your Drunk Elephant products. This is the perfect practical gift that your college student will love! 

[ 1 4 ] C U S T O M  W A L L  O R G A N I Z A T I O N  C E N T E R

Erin Condren

Who couldn’t use a good organizational tool?! Erin Condren has done it again, taking the versatility of her calendar planners to a new level. This wall planner is great for any college student. This planner is customizable, making it adaptable to the ever-changing world of a college student. Your student can choose how to set up, personalize it, and what color they want. Not only is it a great piece for an apartment or dorm, but your college student will also love how they are able to have their whole schedule at their fingertips. Once up, your student can organize their weekly routines. There’s enough space to manage multiple schedules in one spot! Everything from assignments to gym workouts to meal planning to “to-do” lists can be managed on this piece of home decor.

[ 1 5 ] W E I G H T E D  B L A N K E T


Weighted blankets are an essential for college students. This one from Baloo helps soothe the nervous system and alleviate stress and anxiety. It also helps with natural serotonin production, so it will give your college student a deeper, more restful sleep! Baloo makes their weighted blankets with tiny glass beads and premium breathable cotton. The quality of Baloo's weighted blankets is like no other, and it's a gift your college student will use for years to come.

[ 1 6 ] F E L T  B A L L  G A R L A N D

Hello Maypole

This garland from Hello Maypole is absolutely darling. Felt balls are stung to make a 4-8 foot garland, depending on the distance want between each felt ball. The color scheme of this garland makes it so versatile. You can hang it for celebrations like birthdays or Christmas, or you can just leave it up ALL YEAR LONG (that's what I do). It really is too pretty to use it only occasionally. The garland also makes a great accent to hang in a window frame. It can be hung or laid as a decorative element on a shelf. Your college student will love hanging a Hello Maypole Garland in their dorm or apartment!

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[ 1 7 ] O L I V E  W O O D  C H E E S E  B O A R D

Trader Joe's

An essential adult skill is knowing how to put together some type of a cheese board when entertaining guests. Get your college student a beautiful wood cheese board to help them host amazing get-togethers and wine nights with friends. This olive wood cheese board from Trader Joe's is so affordable - it's under $20! Any cheese board is the perfect practical gift for the college student on your list. 

[ 1 8 ] S I L K  P I L L O W C A S E


Silk pillowcases have so many benefits - this one from Kerotin helps prevent acne, reduce wrinkles, and keep your hair looking smooth and soft. It does all this magic while you sleep! Multiuse products were pretty much made for college students. This pillowcase is made from the finest mulberry silk - only the best for your student! 

[ 1 9 ] P L A N N E R  T O T E

Erin Condren

I do believe Erin Condren’s middle name is “Organization.” This planner bag is not only stylish and functional, but it is also made of durable canvas so it can withstand the wear and tear your college student will put it through. A strap that can be easily swapped out for another style is included for easy transportation. This bag has several interior pockets allowing your student to customize it to fit their needs. It fits most devices up to 7” x 9”, planners, notebooks, and other “necessities” like a phone or glasses. There is a place for everything, so no time is wasted looking for stuff! Did I mention it also has a key ring holder AND it comes in a bigger size as well?!

[ 2 0 ] K I L L A  K I T


Nobody has time for cystic acne, so get your college student a Killa Kit from ZitSticka to battle breakouts! These tiny patches are formulated to stick on a zit, and the microscopic fingers "grow" into the breakout and release zit-killing medicine right where you need it most. These little patches are like magic! Every college student needs to have a few of these on hand, so be sure to grab a kit for your college student's stocking!

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I hope you guys loved this gift guide, I know I did. Now it's time to get your shop on! Need more ideas?

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