Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Gift Ideas for Him [2019]

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How's your Christmas shopping going so far? If you found this post, I'm guessing you're looking for a few ideas. You've come to the right place! This is the second gift guide in my 2019 series (you can see 20 Gift Ideas for Her right HERE), and I'm super excited because the products here have been curated exclusively by me based on my own experiences. In no specific order, let's get into it:

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[ 1 ] C O L S T E R  C A N  C O O Z I E


If you have a tough-to-buy-for-guy on your list, you really can't go wrong with a Yeti Colster. If you didn't know, the Colster is Yeti's version of a can coozie. Everybody needs one to keep their drinks cold! It's so versatile and durable - any guy would love to have it for work, play or relaxing. It also does an amazing job keeping your guy's beverage cold for hours on end. It keeps your drink from sweating all over, and the load and lock gasket feature makes sure the drink stays put. Your guy will think of you every time he uses this great gift!

[ 2 ] R E U S A B L E  S I L I C O N E  S N A C K  B A G S

Go Sili

Going green is "in" right now, so what better gift than one that helps save the planet? We have all seen the detrimental effects plastic has on the world, and these Go Sili silicone snack bags are the perfect alternative to plastic sandwich bags. They are great for taking to work, stuffing with snacks on road trips, or packing for outdoor adventures. These silicone bags are even microwave and dishwasher safe, so your guy can make a difference without a ton of extra effort. 

[ 3 ] G I F T  C A R D

Kwik Trip

Raise your hand if you love Kwik Trip; I know I do! When you think about Kwik Trip, I'm guessing you think about convenience. It's not just a gas station, it's a one-stop-shop for gas, food, groceries, treats, and baked goods! Personally, I love treating myself with a muffin or hot chocolate from Kiwk Trip while I'm there getting gas. A Kwik Trip gift card is the perfect gift for the busy guy in your life. He can use it to fill up with gas and grab a drink and snack before hitting the road. Everybody loves Kwik Trip, and a gift card is an easy but thoughtful gift!

[ 4 ] A I R P O D  C A S E


Leather is timeless, and so is this gift. The Nomad Airpod Case is a masculine-looking, durable case that keeps your guy's Airpods protected. The case even works while charging! The exterior of this classic piece is made from genuine leather that wears beautifully with time, giving it a seasoned look. If brown isn't his thing, it's also available in black. The inside of the case has a protective microfiber lining that will keep his Airpods safe and secure. For an even better, more put-together look, pair this gift with the Slim Tile Tracking Wallet (see #12 below)!

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[ 5 ] E L E C T R I C  T O O T H B R U S H


Is it weird to give a toothbrush as a gift? No. In fact, I think it's badass to gift someone a Quip toothbrush. I don't even have words to explain how excited I was when I got mine, and a year later, I still can't get enough of it. The sleek design, ease of use, holder-that-doubles-as-a-travel-cap, and affordability make this the best toothbrush on the market. It's a total gamechanger! Something else I love about Quip is that you can order new toothbrush heads and floss right to your front door whenever you need a refill. Trust me, your guy will be thanking you long after he opens this gift! 

[ 6 ] R O O M  S P R A Y

Grow Fragrance

Sometimes our guy's place can smell not-so-great. From the kitchen to the car to the bathroom to the gym bag, Grow Fragrance's organic room sprays can eliminate any of the nasty smells in his space. If that's not great enough, this spray is also plant-based and toxin-free! I have loved every Grow Fragrance scent I've ever tried, and this one is no exception. It smells amazing - it's Christmas in a bottle! This pine fragrance is the perfect winter scent for your guy's space. Hurry though, it's only available for a limited time! Grow Fragrance comes out with new scents every season. 

[ 7 ] C R E A M  L I Q U E U R 

Milk & Honey

There's nothing I'd rather see under my tree than a bottle of Milk & Honey. It's a cream liqueur like no other, and it's a huge hit at every party or event! Milk & Honey is the world's first and only date honey cream liqueur. It's all-natural, gluten-free, kosher certified, and has 33% less sugar than similar products. Your guy will love the creaminess and versatility of this drink. It mixes incredibly well with a wide range of things, like bourbon, tequila, vodka, whiskey, or my personal favorite - coffee. Or you can drink it straight out of the bottle (my second favorite way to drink it). This versatile liqueur is sure to be a favorite with your guy!
*Must be 21 years or older to purchase

[ 8 ] S N E A K E R S


These sneakers are the best of the best. SUAVS are so versatile; your guy can wear them all day, from a day at the office to date night. The knit design offers moisture-wicking breathability. These shoes are meant to wear without socks, so he will even save on laundry! It's really a win-win. SUAVS are extremely comfy (I have a pair that I'm obsessed with), and they're perfect for travel. The rubber sole allows them to be rolled up to fit perfectly in his travel bag. Every adventure-loving guy on the go needs a pair of SUAVS! Use my link for $20 off your first pair. 

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[ 9 ] B I F O L D  W A L L E T

Thread Wallets

Every guy needs a place to store his ID and cards - ideally, a place that's stylish, not too bulky, and super secure. Thread Wallets have been my (and my boyfriend's) go-to way to store essentials for years. Their newly designed bifold wallets are perfect for your guy. They have a slim design, and they're durable; they're made from materials that will withstand whatever your guy throws at it. The Thread Wallet Bifold Wallet has elastic to securely hold cards in place and leather to add durability. The wallet is also RFID blocking - this means that hackers can't wirelessly access and steal his credit card information. Get one of these for every guy on your list, and it will be his go-to for every adventure!

[ 1 0 ] T A B L E T  S T A N D


This slim, minimalist tablet stand is the perfect accessory for your guy's desk. It's useful, simple to use, and not an eyesore! The best part is - it's only $6, and it looks like a much more expensive piece. There's even a hole at the bottom to hold a phone cord, keeping everything tangle-free and sleek looking. It's perfect for your guy to use when watching videos, propping up his phone for video calls, or watching a movie on his iPad. Guys love functional gifts, and yours will surely love this!

[ 1 1 ] T V  S E R I E S


Another go-to gift of mine is a movie or tv show set. There are soooo many options with this gift! You can get your guy his favorite movie or show, or you can try something that he's never seen before that you're sure he will love. It's a gift that shows how well you know him, and he will appreciate that long after the holidays are over!  

[ 1 2 ] T I L E  T R A C K I N G  L E A T H E R  W A L L E T


If your guy is anything like mine, he is constantly asking, "Have you seen my wallet?" The Slim Tile Tracking Wallet by Nomad puts an end to missing wallets forever! This beautiful, timeless wallet is made to not only hold several cards and money (as wallets do), but it also conceals a Tile Slim inside of it. Oh, and did I mention, it COMES with a Tile Slim, so you don't even have to go out and buy one?! If you don't know what a Tile is, it's a tiny little Bluetooth device that you can use to track your stuff. The problem with most wallets is that Tiles don't fit without making them too big and bulky. I've never found another wallet out there that is built for a Tile Slim! This traditional looking, durable wallet is constructed from Horween leather made in the USA. It weathers over time, giving it character and making it extra unique. This wallet is the perfect gift to help your guy look (and stay) put together. It's a win-win gift for sure!

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[ 1 3 ] C U S T O M  G I F T  B O X


Gift giving is a whole new level of easy with Greetabl. This online service allows you to completely customize a gift box for someone you love and have it shipped right to your door! Their motto is, "More than a card, more personal than flowers," and I love how well this describes the brand. Here's how to customize a box for your guy: head to the Greetabl website, choose a box design, pick a gift or two for the inside, personalize the message, checkout, and just like that, you have a unique gift in minutes! This is a perfect gift for your guy any time of the year, not just around Christmas. The personalization options are endless, and you can't beat the simplicity behind the service. 

[ 1 4 ] B A S E B A L L  H A T

Various Stores

This is another broad gift idea that you can customize however you'd like. Pretty much every guy I know wears a baseball hat every single day. You know your guy's style, so get him a hat that lets his personality shine through. My favorite hats to give are ones from my college bookstore - my dad loves wearing college hats from his kids! Guys love hats, so if you have no idea what to get your man, this is the perfect idea. 

[ 1 5 ] C O F F E E  C U P  C A N D L E S

Coffee Candles Co

It's not just a candle, it's a coffee cup too! When we think of candles, we usually think of gifting them to the women in our lives. However, Coffee Candle Co candles are a great gift for a special guy on your list. They could obviously be gifted to a woman as well, but something about them makes me love gifting them to guys. These candles smell amazing, and they're made inside a beautiful hand-thrown mug. I am loving the new "Christmas Eve" scent they came out with recently; it has layers of seasonal scents that fill the room and set the holiday mood, and each candle burns up to 40 hours. Your guy will love lighting this wood wick candle and enjoying the smells of Christmas morning at any time. The best part is - the mug can be used as an actual coffee cup after the candle is gone!

[ 1 6 ] C O Z Y  B I S O N  S O C K S

United by Blue

The story behind the Alpine Ultimate Bison socks and this company are so awesome and unique. United by Blue is a US-based company that has developed durable, beautiful products that are also good for the planet. These socks are basically upcycled; bison fur that is often considered waste was used to develop the bison fiber used in these socks (don't worry, the bison are not harmed!). United by Blue is a brand passionate about protecting the environment. Other than creating sustainable products, they help the environment by reusing the water in their factory, saving millions of gallons each year! I love giving gifts from brands that value the environment and create sustainable, quality products. Responsible business practices aside, these socks are super comfortable. The Alpine Ultimate Bison Socks naturally regulate the temperature of your guy's feet and provide moisture-wicking technology to keep his feet dry, whether he is indoors or outdoors. You will want to buy yourself a pair too!

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[ 1 7 ] Y E T I  R A M B L E R  M U G


If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a huge fan of Yeti products, and I have been for a long time! I think the 24oz mug is great, but they also have a smaller one if you think your guy would like that more. Nick loves taking this hunting with him - it keeps his drink hot for hours and is durable and rugged enough to keep up with all of his adventures.  I love the "Clay" color, but there are tons of other ones available too. This mug is light, sturdy, easy to drink out of, and has a beautiful classic look. There are a few boxes under the tree right now for my guys that have Yeti products inside!

[ 1 8 ] F L A N N E L  P A J A M A  P A N T S

Old Navy

Pajamas are the perfect fallback if you have no clue what to get someone, especially a guy! Guys have to sleep too, and there's no better gift than a comfy pair of pants. You could even put together a "movie night" gift basket with flannel PJ pants, a few movies, popcorn, and snacks! Then, you have multiple gifts in one. Old Navy is my go-to place for fun flannel pajama pants, but you could get them anywhere! 

[ 1 9 ] T E X A S  A R T  P R I N T

Jordan Hebl Designs

Art prints are not just for girls; guys need to decorate their spaces too! This Texas-themed art print is designed by yours truly, and it's the perfect way to spruce up your guy's apartment, home, dorm, or bedroom. It can be propped up and stand freely, or framed for a more polished look. Email me at to purchase one!

[ 2 0 ] " T H E  N O R T H " C A N D L E


Like the name suggests, this candle really does smell like "The North". NESW Wax Co creates beautifully scented hand-poured, single-wick soy candles. To answer your question, yes....guys can have candles in their home too! This candle is perfect for any guy on your list. It has a simple, masculine jar and lid, and the smell isn't overwhelming. "The North" candle has notes of apple, saffron, black currant, vanilla, amber, and anise. It will burn for 40+ hours, so it's the gift that keeps on giving! If you aren't quite sure about this exact candle, be sure to check out NESW's website; they have tons of different options available.

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I hope you guys loved this gift guide, I know I did. Now it's time to get your shop on! Need more ideas?

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