Holiday Gift Guide: For The College Student

Gift-giving season is officially upon us, which means struggling to find the perfect gift for a long list of people. I wanted to create a gift guide specifically for college students because they are in a weird part of life where they are adults, but not really adults. As in, a still-call-mom-to-ask-how-to-get-a-stain-out-but-also-have-to-pay-bills-and-work-full-time kind of adult. Sure, you could get all of your holiday shopping done in an hour on Amazon, but here's why you shouldn't. There are thousands of amazing products out there that were created by hard-working small business owners and entrepreneurs. I hand-selected every item in this gift guide because a) they are items I have tried myself and loved and b) I personally believe that gifts from somewhere other than Walmart or Target are much more thoughtful.

A lot of the gift ideas in this guide are super affordable, which is great if you're a college student buying a gift for another college student and also happen to be ballin on a budget. This guide is also perfect if you just want to shop for yourself! We all know a college student, and if you're lucky enough to have one you need to shop for, look no further...

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I have had a serious hate of underwire since I started wearing bras. Since I'm a bigger chested gal though, there really was no way around it...until I found Meer. This local Austin company makes bras that are supportive and cute for almost every cup size, and best of all, they have NO UNDERWIRE. Plus, they're made of recycled plastic bottles so you can feel good about your purchase. After wearing my Meer bra for just one day, I can already say I will never go back to a regular bra again. With the holiday parties and events coming up, there's no better bra to take you from dinner at your parents to a new years eve party. Meer has tons of different styles and colors available, so there's something for everyone. Shop Meer HERE!

A Jade roller is such an amazing gift for any college student (or really, any person) in your life. You've probably seen beauty bloggers and youtubers raving about these on social media, and there's definitely a reason why. Those late nights and long hours of studying can make for some seriously puffy eyes. Jade rollers reduce facial swelling, increase blood circulation, and help products absorb into the skin better. Not to mention, it feels soooo good to roll this on your face! If all those benefits don't convince you, imagine how great it would feel to be able to give yourself a face massage with the Jade roller. Yep, it's as amazing as it sounds. It's really a win-win! Jade rollers are so affordable and are the perfect gift for someone you love so they can pamper themselves. Shop my Jade roller HERE!

Scrunchies have officially made a comeback from the 80's, and the best place to buy them is Bunhead. Take your top-knot game to the next level with any of their dozens of designs and styles. Each scrunchie is handmade in Vancouver, and the materials are ethically sourced. Even if you have super short hair, these scrunchies still look amazing in it. On days I prefer to keep my hair down, I love wearing it on my wrist as an accessory. Since most college students don't have time to perfect their hair every single day, a collection of cute scrunchies is a must. Shop my favorite Bunhead scrunchies HERE!

The perfect way to get in the holiday spirit this Christmas Break is this yummy peppermint vanilla candle from Happy Place Candle Co. It is made from natural soy wax and is perfect to use in your college apartment because it is clean-burning. Bath and Body Works candles are great, but nothing quite compares to a candle made in small batches by hand by a small business. The care that went into making this candle does not go unnoticed - from the beautiful packaging to the amazing smells, any woman would love receiving this as a gift! Shop some yummy smelling candles HERE!

Gift ideas for her, gift ideas for college kids, cheap holiday gift ideas, inexpensive gift ideas, last minute gift ideas for her, last minute gift ideas for him

If you follow my blog, you know I love coffee and dogs sooooo much. Of course I needed to get a cute sweatshirt to share this love with the world. You can let your personality shine through like I did with an amazing custom sweatshirt by My HandLettered Studio. It's the perfect gift for any person because you can literally put whatever you want on it. A quote, a word, a place, a name...the possibilities are endless. This soft and cozy sweatshirt is perfect for wearing to class or laying in bed watching Netflix. Shop it HERE!

This fun multi-use bandana can be a hair accessory, bag add-on, neck scarf, or wall hanging. The possibilities are endless. It comes in four different colors and is covered in a cute Texas-themed design. Shop the bandana HERE!

It's no secret that most college students rely on coffee to get them through those all-nighters and 8am classes. If you aren't quite sure what to get your college student, coffee is a pretty safe bet! You can get their usual or change it up and try a new roast or flavor. Shop my favorite holiday coffee HERE!

Cute school supplies are a must to get through boring college lectures. I'm an iced-coffee-all-year-round kind of person, so I relate to this pencil pouch on a personal level. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for any college student so they can add it to their backpack when the new semester starts! Shop this pencil pouch HERE!

Gift ideas for her, gift ideas for college kids, cheap holiday gift ideas, inexpensive gift ideas, last minute gift ideas for her, last minute gift ideas for him

The summer glow on your skin doesn't have to disappear just because it's winter. This lightweight oil made from olive oil, mica, echium plantagineum seed oil, and sweet orange oil is the perfect highlight to use on any part of your body. It makes you look fresh and glowy without looking like a little kid that rubbed chunky glitter all over their body. On top of that, it smells amazing. It works perfectly with any skin tone, so any woman in your life would love it! Shop the oil HERE!

Stickers are a fun, inexpensive way to spruce up almost anything in your life. These unique watercolor state stickers are the perfect way to show your state pride or remind yourself of a vacation you've taken. I can't wait to fill up a whole map with these to log my travels! If you really want to go the extra mile, you could purchase these and put them on a water bottle, notebook, or phone case for an easy, custom holiday gift. Shop some fun stickers HERE!

As a die-hard Yeti fan, their products have gotten me through college. This durable cup will keep your drink warm or cold from your 8am class to your late night study sesh. The insulated cups are dishwasher safe and shatterproof. I've broken my fair share of porcelain coffee cups during college, and have since replaced them all with Yeti products. Shop my favorite tumbler HERE!

Nothing says college like a planner. In order to keep your work, school, and personal life in order, an Erin Condren planner is absolutely necessary. Not only can you keep track of your schedules, you can add on finance and bill trackers, meal planners, to-do lists, and more. These planners are extremely durable and customizable. They are a lifesaver for college students! As a college student myself, I know I'd love to see this under the tree if I didn't already have one. Shop the LifePlanner HERE!

Gift ideas for her, gift ideas for college kids, cheap holiday gift ideas, inexpensive gift ideas, last minute gift ideas for her, last minute gift ideas for him

This tote has been my sidekick since the moment it arrived at my front door. I'm rough on equipment sometimes, but these totes are up for the job. The one pictured above is a medium one, and it's my all-time favorite. There are tons of monogram options, or you can choose to get it without. I use mine for school, work, photography equipment, a beach bag, and pretty much everything else I ever need a bag for. I also love that it has a place to hook your keys on the inside of the bag, because nothing makes me more mad than digging through my bag searching for my keys. It holds up to 500 pounds, is water-resistant, has tons of pockets, and comes in so many cute colors. Shop my all-time favorite totes HERE!

Cord keepers are a must-have for every college student to help keep their headphones tangle-free from the dorm to the gym to the library and more. Headphones are a college student's BFF for 4 (or more) years. Leather cord keepers are a trendy, cute way to take one small sliver of stress out a college students day. I love my Hatton Henry cord keeper, but tons of different companies sell them! Shop the Hatton Henry one HERE, and some other options HERE and HERE!

I grew up spending summers on the lake, and now that I'm an adult, I crave being up at the cabin. Even though it's -20 degrees and snowing outside, this hat is a perfect reminder of fun summer memories at the lake. I love Lake Effect Co, and they have tons of gift options for someone who loves the lake like I do! Baseball hats make an amazing gift for college students, because who has time to wash their hair every day?! Shop their 'Lake Day' hat HERE!

Let's face it, dorm water can be nasty. I'm kind of a water snob, so adjusting to college water was a little bit of a challenge for me. Every college student needs a Brita pitcher in their life. No one in college can afford to buy cases of bottled water every week. With the Brita pitcher, you can feel good about drinking city water and cut down on cost while eliminating your plastic water bottle waste. It filters out all the yucky stuff as you pour the water into your cup and keeps your water tasting great. Shop Brita HERE!

Gift ideas for her, gift ideas for college kids, cheap holiday gift ideas, inexpensive gift ideas, last minute gift ideas for her, last minute gift ideas for him

Nobody likes getting socks for Christmas, unless they're cute fuzzy ones! Fuzzy socks are another great stocking stuffer that come in so many colors and designs. I love getting mine at Old Navy, but you can get them anywhere! Having cold feet is the worst, so get your college student some fuzzy socks to help keep their feet extra warm. Shop some great fuzzy socks HERE and HERE!

Any blanket makes a great gift. Whether you're using it for a stadium blanket for Friday night football games, keeping it in your car in case of emergencies, or cozying up with it at home to watch Netflix, a cute blanket will be with you all the way. The best part is that you can literally get a blanket anywhere, so if you are a last-minute gift person you have an easy option. Shop some of my favorite blankets HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Coffee mugs make the perfect inexpensive gift, and this fun mug will help make your college students' morning coffee a little more enjoyable. 'Less Struggles More Snuggles' is officially my new life motto - because who couldn't use more snuggles?! At a price point of only $12, you can get one for yourself and all of your friends. This mug will surely bring a smile to your face every morning. Shop it HERE!

When you're in college, you don't want to constantly be carrying around a bulky purse and huge lanyard. Threadwallets are compact, secure card holders that will keep your stuff safe and in one place all day. They come in so many cute designs, and they are constantly releasing new ones! The plaid pattern of the ones shown above is the print "Dusk". There are two different styles of wallets - fully elastic ones and the vertical cardholder that is shown above. Each of them holds up to 8 cards and cash. They also sell tons of different prints of both wrist and full-length lanyards.  I can tell you from experience that I have never lost a card out of my Threadwallet! Shop Threadwallets HERE!

I hope you loved these twenty gift ideas and are already adding some of the items to your shopping cart. This post is geared towards college students, but these gifts would be perfect for anyone! Stay tuned for two more holiday gift guides coming in the next few days with 40 more gift ideas! 

*Thank you so much to YetiMeer, Serenity 7X, Bunhead, Happy Place Candle Co, My HandLettered Studio, HerCampus, Olive + M, Rachel Alvarez Art, and Threadwallets for sponsoring this post. I only partner with brands I love, and these companies exceed my expectations every time. 

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