Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Gift Ideas for Her [2019]

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...Holiday Gift Guide season! These posts are my favorite kind to read, and also to create. I love finding the best, most unique gift ideas out there to share with you guys. Everyone tells me I'm really good at giving thoughtful gifts, so I take these gift guides very seriously! These are all items I would personally purchase for myself or as a gift for any woman in my life. Seriously, guys, these are some grade-A brands with some killer products that you need to check out! In no particular order:

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[ 1 ]  H A N D  P O U R E D  S O Y  C A N D L E S

Gold + Ivy
Mainstream, brand name candles are great, but nothing beats hand-poured candles from small businesses like Gold + Ivy.  I fell in love with the brand last year when I tried their Cashmere Cedar candle, which quickly became my favorite candle of all time. I burned the whole thing in less than a month, it was that good! This year, I went the more festive route and tried Gold + Ivy's "Noël", "Christmas", and "Grey Flannel" Candles. The Noël candle has notes of pear, nutmeg, and brandy. It's such a fresh, fun scent that reminds me of the holidays without being too intense of a "holiday" smell. Christmas is another great scent, as you'd probably guess by the name. With notes of pine, cinnamon, and orange peel, this candle will have you ready to bundle up for a Christmas movie marathon. I love all of Gold + Ivy's candles, but Grey Flannel can't be beat in my book. It has notes of cedarwood, vanilla, and musk. I burn this one year-round, and I know any woman in my life would love it just as much! Candles are the most amazing gift for seriously ANYONE - your kid's teacher, business clients, boss, best friend, mom, get the idea. I'm excited to be gifting these candles to many people on my list this year!

[ 2 ]  " H A N G O V E R "  S U N G L A S S E S

Eleventh Hour
We all know the struggle of trying to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face. Most of them are either too small, too expensive, or just plain ugly. Eleventh Hour makes the most badass sunglasses ever. My favorite pair is the "Hangover" frame; regardless of the time of year, they add a look of badass sophistication to any outfit. They are just the perfect amount of oversized and create an effortlessly cool look for any occasion. Slept 30 minutes last night and need to cover the bags under your eyes? Partied a little too hard last night? Not in the mood to talk to anyone? Need something to make your outfit look more complete? - these sunnies are the perfect solution to everything. What makes Eleventh Hour unique is (1) all of their sunnies are polarized, and (2) they are made from Acetate, which is the same high-quality material that designers like YSL and Celine use to make their sunglasses. This makes the quality and feel of these sunnies second to none. I feel like I can conquer anything (yes, even a hangover) when I'm wearing these. Eleventh Hour sunnies are a great gift for any girl in your life.

[ 3 ]  M A S C A R A  +  E Y E L A S H  S E R U M  + P L U M P I N G  L I P  J E L L Y

Babe Lash
I have been a huge fan of Babe Lash products for a really long time, and they continue to amaze me. Their eyelash serum has done wonders on my stumpy little eyelashes. I can't even tell you how many people have asked me if I have fake eyelashes on when I go out! I never thought I'd be able to find a product that would make such a difference with my lashes. I recently tried out Babe Lash's Nourishing Mascara and Plumping Lip Jelly too, and I was just as impressed. The mascara takes your newly long, beautiful lashes up a notch, and the gloss is the perfect finishing touch. Any combination of these three products would be the perfect gift for any beauty lover in your life!

[ 4 ]  S I L I C O N E  T R A V E L  C U P

Go Sili
I first found Go Sili when I tried their Reusable Silicone Straws from Target, and I fell in love with their products! This travel cup is like nothing I've ever seen before; it's soooo cool. The entire cup is silicone and the lid threads on so you don't have to worry about it popping off. The silicone is soft and squishy, but keeps its shape and doesn't crush together when you hold it. Some seriously awesome engineering went into this! This impossible-to-break cup is perfect for someone like me, who has been known to shatter a cup or two. And can we talk about this marble design? This cup is my new favorite - it's so simple, functional, and beautiful. It would be the perfect gift for any on-the-go woman on your list, especially college students!

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[ 5 ]  E N A M E L  P I N S

NESW Wax Co.
Fun pins are always a great present. You can put them in a little gift basket with a candle, customize a denim jacket with them, put them in a frame, make a laptop case, pin them to a lanyard - they're super versatile. I love the sayings NESW Wax Co has in their shop. My favorite thing about gifting enamel pins is that you can choose ones that tell a story or are representative of your relationship with someone. I'm obsessed with the "Smell Ya Later" pin, and I think it's so funny because I say it all the time! Bonus - NESW Wax Co pins are really affordable; they're all only $5 each! You can't afford not to gift some this year (and get a few for yourself). 

[ 6 ]  T H E  L I T T L E S

Drunk Elephant
If you've been following for a while, you know that I'm a big Drunk Elephant fan. Their skincare is free of the suspicious 6 (silicones, essential oils, fragrances, alcohol, chemical screens, and sodium lauryl sulfate), and it does wonder for my skin. From my own experiences using Drunk Elephant products, I can say with certainty that their products are amazing for a wide range of skin types. I have very sensitive skin around my eyes and mouth, especially in the winter. The rest of my face is combination, with a few extra oily spots. Drunk Elephant products are the only thing I've found that haven't completely dried out my face after a few uses. I love how clean every product is - I really feel good about putting them on my face! The Drunk Elephant Littles set is the perfect way to dip your toes into their products and would be an awesome gift for a friend, girlfriend, or bff. 

[ 7 ]  " C A B I N  F E V E R "  C R E W N E C K

Lake Effect Co.
Cabin fever is a real thing...I have it all winter long! Summers at my family lakehouse get better every year, and it's always challenging to survive the months when the cabin is closed up. Lake Effect Co has the cutest products ever, and I love rocking their stuff on the lake all summer long and also in the winter when I have cabin fever and am dreaming about warmer months. Last year, I featured one of their hats in the gift guide (you can see that HERE)! This Cabin Fever crewneck isn't just cute, it's also extremely cozy! I love showing my love of the lake with products like this. If you have a fellow lake-lover on your shopping list, you won't want to miss Lake Effect Co

[ 8 ]  K E Y C H A I N  Z I P P E R  P O U C H

Louis Vuitton
This guy is a little bit more of a splurge, but it would make almost any woman out there happy! I got mine for Christmas last year and gave my sister one for her birthday the year before that. It seems overpriced, but they hold up through all the wear and tear of spending day after day on your key ring. I have purchased a knock-off one before, and it fell apart in a few weeks. The quality of the real thing lives up to the Louis Vuitton name! Another option if you're on more of a budget but still want to spoil your girl is buying secondhand. There are so many awesome places you can do this, like The Real Real, Poshmark, and Fashion Phile

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[ 9 ]  T R U E  B O D Y  W I R E - F R E E  B R A  +  L I F T  S C O O P  N E C K  B R A

True & Co.
Let's get real for a minute - bras suck! At least I thought they did until I found True & Co. These are quite literally the best bras I have ever worn in my entire life. I cannot recommend them enough. True & Co is a San Francisco based, female-run brand whose mission is to make better bras based on feedback from their community. Their bras are stretchy, supportive, comfy, and above all, cute. My favorite is the True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra in Retro Pink. I can't get enough of it! Usually when I come home, I instantly take my bra off. That doesn't happen with this one - I seriously forget I have a bra on sometimes! These are the perfect gift for the woman who can never find a comfortable bra. With True & Co, it is possible to have a supportive bra that is also comfortable! If you aren't sure about sizing for a gift, you can always pick up a gift card for them. True & Co also has a Fit Quiz that gives recommendations based on your needs and wants, so she can find the perfect fit for her. 

[ 1 0 ]  H A N D L E T T E R E D  " H O M E B O D Y "  S W E A T S H I R T

Naps Design Co
Everybody loves a cozy crewneck they can live in all winter long. Raise your hand if you're a homebody; I totally am! Staying home is my favorite thing to do, especially when I have free time. There's no better way to show off my personality than with this crewneck. It comes in black, grey and white, so there's a color for everyone. You might think this looks kind of familiar...that's because I included a custom sweatshirt from the same shop in last year's gift guide! I love Naps Design Co's products so much. This crewneck is the perfect thing to add to anyone's sweatshirt collection - it's ideal for the girl who loves to snuggle up for a movie marathon when the cold weather hits.

[ 1 1 ]  S C R U N C H I E S

The She Jewels
I'm a big scrunchie fan, and these are some of my all-time favorites! The She Jewels was founded by Emily and Ashtin, two girlbosses who run both the business and creative side of the brand. I can't get enough of their winter collection! My favorites are the Kimber, Eva, and Andi scrunchies. They are made from a cotton knit material that is gentle on hair and doesn't tug. I know from experience that not all scrunchies are not equal, and these ones are some of the best. Each scrunchie comes in a cute drawstring bag, which is perfect for putting in a stocking. Another fun idea is to top a gift with one or two scrunchies instead of a bow - it's two gifts in one! Scrunchies are such an easy, fun gift that any woman would love. 

[ 1 2 ]  T I C K I N G  S T R I P E  S E T  +  D U V E T  C O V E R

Red Land Cotton
If adulthood means being excited about bedding, then I'm a full-fledged grownup. Red Land Cotton bedding sets are my all-time favorite. I have two sets, and I will never buy a different brand of bedding again! I look forward to getting into my Red Land Cotton bedding every single day. The cotton in this luxury bedding was grown and picked in Alabama, so when you make a purchase, you're supporting a company right here in the USA. Their bedding sets are both beautiful and timeless, and I know they will be essentials for years to come. They also make amazing towels and towel sets, which are perfect for any college student or mom/grandma in your life! Shop Red Land Cotton HERE.

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[ 1 3 ]  T H E  Z I L K E R  G U M  S N E A K E R  I N  M A R S H M A L L O W

Yes, I was scared to get white shoes. I've ruined a few pairs in my day (RIP to my white converse), so naturally, I was concerned. I decided to take the leap though, and I'm so happy I did. Did you know that SUAVS are WASHABLE? As in, throw them in your washing machine, WASHABLE?! They even share tips for cleaning your shoes right here on their website. Sure, white shoes are scary, but knowing I can throw them in the wash when they start to get dirty instantly put my mind at ease. They truly are the most perfect shoe for adventuring.

For someone that travels as much as I do, deciding what shoes to take with me on a trip is a constant battle. One of my favorite things about my SUAVS is that they are really compact and can be rolled up in your suitcase - they hardly take up any space, even though let's be honest, you'll be wearing them on your feet instead of stuffing them in your bag. This is probably TMI, but my feet get really sweaty sometimes. Nobody wants that! SUAVS are made of a flexible, sweat-wicking material that keeps your feet fresh all day, no matter where the day takes you. They hug your foot just like a sock, so you don't even need to wear socks. SUAVS are designed to be stylish and to provide long-lasting comfort, and I can confirm that they do both. The comfort level is second to none. The girl on your list who is constantly on the go needs a pair (or two) of SUAVS in her life. Don't sleep on these! Use my link for $20 off your first pair

[ 1 4 ]  C O L E T T E  H O O P  +  R I N G  S E T

Kendra Scott
I don't wear much jewelry on a day to day basis, but when I do, it's Kendra Scott. You can see by the photo above that I have built up quite a collection! I have really been loving their winter collection and fine jewelry line lately. Kendra Scott really knocked it out of the park with the Colette Hoops. Gold hoops are so "in" right now, but finding the perfect pair is almost impossible. These are the ones; they're medium-sized without the weight. They feel like feathers on your ears, which I love! I'm also obsessed with the Colette Ring Set. This comes with two rings - one is plain and one has stones all the way around. Both the Colette Earrings and Rings come in silver, rose gold, and gold. Any Kendra Scott pieces would be the perfect gift for your loved ones. They even come in cute little boxes that are ready to put under the tree! 

[ 1 5 ]  S P I R A L  B O U N D  C U S T O M  N O T E B O O K

Erin Condren
If you've ever checked out any other parts of my blog, you've probably figured out that I'm a big Erin Condren fan. I am also a huge notebook person - I love filling up different notebooks with to-do lists, things I'm grateful for, project ideas, school work, and miscellaneous notes. Erin Condren offers two customizable notebook sizes. I love the 7 x 9", but they also have an 8.5 x 11" size if you're looking for something bigger. You can use regular old pens with these, but the Erin Condren pens are like magic when you write on these pages! The covers are a durable, laminated material that can be written on with Erin Condren's wet-erase markers. The paper inside is super thick and high quality. These are my all-time favorite notebooks, and I can't wait to gift some to them to my gals this Christmas! 

[ 1 6 ]  K N I T  B E A N I E

Love Your Melon
Cute, cozy beanies are a necessity in the winter; it's even better when your beanie promotes a great cause! You've probably heard of Love Your Melon. They're a brand that makes cute hats and does amazing things for the fight against pediatric cancer. They have donated over 6.2 MILLION dollars and over 180,000 hats for the cause! How amazing is that?! As someone whose life has been touched by pediatric cancer, supporting a brand like this one makes my heart happy. On top of the amazing things Love Your Melon has done, their hats are really cute! Gifting someone one of their hats and sharing a little about the company's story will warm anyone's heart this Christmas. 

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[ 1 7 ]  Z I P P E R  P O U C H

May Designs
Girls need to have a collection of zipper pouches to use for every occasion - to keep in their purse, car, backpack, coat pocket, get the idea. They're great for makeup or any other random things you might need to store. May Designs has so many fun customization options available. You can even add a name or monogram to almost any product! They have hundreds of awesome patterns to choose from, like the beautiful white and pink cheetah print one shown above. The zipper is really smooth and the canvas material is really high quality. This little guy is built to withstand some wear and tear! A zipper pouch is the perfect inexpensive gift that any woman would love. 

[ 1 8 ]  H A I R C A R E  S Y S T E M

I've been a Kerotin partner for the last few months now, so it's only natural to include my faves in my holiday gift guide series! I didn't think it was possible to love Kerotin more than I already did, but working together has taught me so much about the brand and products they offer. If you missed it, check out my post where I spilled all of my haircare secrets and favorite Kerotin products HERE. Kerotin has some amazing combos, but you could also build your own! They are widely known on the internet for their hair growth vitamins, but their other products are equally as amazing. Pick up a few items for the beauty-loving gal on your list today! 

[ 1 9 ]  I C E  R O L L E R

Ice rollers are a huge beauty trend right now, and they make a great, affordable gift. They'd also be a fabulous stocking stuffer! Basically, it feels like you have a spa-like facial right at your fingertips (well, in your freezer). Ice rollers help reduce redness and puffiness while boosting drainage and giving your skin a healthy glow. These are a must for every woman on your list - they might not even realize how much they need one!

[ 2 0 ]  S L E E P I N G  M A S K

Baloo Living
One of Baloo's newest products is a sleeping mask with a pocket for a crystal stone over your third eye Chakra. The mask itself is very soft and comfortable to sleep in, and I love the uniqueness of the concept. There are three different crystals that can be used in the mask depending on what you're feeling that day. I feel way more rested on nights I wear my sleeping mask! The nap queen in your life needs this gift under the tree. 

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I hope you guys loved this gift guide, I know I did. Now it's time to get your shop on! Need more ideas?

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