12 Things + Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! I'm here today sharing another 12 things post. It's been quite awhile and A LOT has changed. But first, let's talk about this amazing Fourth of July shirt I'm wearing! It was sent to me by an online shop called Almost Obsession. They have the cutest shirts ever! You can check out their Etsy shop HERE. I am going to be wearing this shirt every Memorial Day and Fourth of July for a long time.

1. In case you haven't noticed from recent posts here and on my social media, I'm currently living in Austin, Texas for the summer. I have been having an amazing summer so far. A huge city in Texas is so different from the small town I live in at home in Wisconsin. I've been able to do lots of exploring and had some amazing opportunities so far - I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer will bring. On a side note, I have not been loving the heat and the huge bugs.

2. Big things will be happening soon with the blog. That's pretty much all I can say, but get excited! Get ready for some awesome content and some website design updates.

3. My obsession with mac and cheese has been on a whole new level lately. I can't stop eating it! Since I'm from Wisconsin I obviously love cheese...something about being away from home has made me love it even more. I'm setting out to find the perfect homemade mac and cheese recipe, so if you know any, leave me a comment!

4. I'm flying home for a few days pretty soon. I'm photographing a wedding back home and I extended the trip a few extra days so I can spend time with my family and Nick. I love it here in Texas but I am soooooo excited to see everyone I love. I can't believe I've already been here for two months! How is summer flying by so fast?!

5. I finally hopped on the YETI train and got myself a water bottle. I was so tired of walking outside with a plastic water bottle and having the water get warm 10 minutes later. Not to mention if I forget it in my car when I ran into a store it would be boiling hot when I came back out. The best solution to this has been my new YETI 26 oz water bottle. It really lives up to the hype. My water stays cold for almost a full 24 hours.

6. I've been loving shopping at small handmade businesses here in Austin. Austin is known to have lots of makers and creative people. I've shopped around some super cute boutiques and stores, but my favorite is still Frankie Jean! I might be biased since this is where I'm interning, but I die at how cute their stuff is.

7. I found my all-time new favorite coffee shop. Sorry, Starbucks. I am in love with Summermoon coffee here in Austin. They have a drink called wintermoon, which is iced espresso with a creamy sweet "moon milk" added to it. It's sooo sweet and so yummy. I have to restrain myself from going there multiple times a day.

8. Since I've had more free time this summer, I've been getting back into crafting. I've been making some fun friendship bracelets (major throwback!) and really been digging into scrapbooking again. It feels so good to have my creative juices flowing!

9. My new planner started on July first and I'm so excited (It's an academic planner). There's nothing quite like the beginning of a brand new, fresh planner. I am using a mini day designer this year, more posts to come on that soon! I stopped by the Erin Condren flagship store the other day and got some super cute planner accessories. I'm obsessed with their double sided pens, so I got a bunch of those and a planner rubberband. I got some packs of planner stickers at Micheal's too that I'm so excited to use!

10. I'm so excited to have worked with some amazing brands that are local to the Austin area on my blog this summer. I had the most amazing BB Sculpt Ice Facial at Bronzed Bunny (read that post HERE), have partnered with a bunch of local coffee shops, and have some awesome brand partnerships coming up.

11. I found a little snow cone stand close to where I'm staying and I've been there almost every day! There's no better way to cool off on a hot summer day than a big snow cone. My favorite flavors so far are lemonade and pink lemonade.

12. I have been obsessed with THESE shorts this summer. Yes, they are from Walmart, no I don't care. They are only $4.90 each and they are sooooo cute! I've had people ask me if they are Lululemon. I have 6 pairs so far, and I can't wait to keep adding to my collection.

That's a wrap on this 12 things post! If you have traveled to or live in the Austin area, I would LOVE for you to leave me some recommendations down below of what I should eat, do, shop, and see. I have a little more time here and want to experience as much as possible!

This post is sponsored by Almost Obsession. Thank you to Almost Obsession for working with me on this post. All opinions are my own. 


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