Fitness Fridays: Gym Bag Essentials

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Today is the first post in a series I've been working on for months, Fitness Fridays! Every other Friday for the next couple months, I am going to post something related to fitness, whether it be workout ideas, brand reviews, recipes, or essentials. I am really excited to work on this series and I hope it inspires you to be your best, healthiest self!

My local wellness center offers a deal for college students during winter break. Since I am technically still in college, I was able to take advantage of this deal and get a month of membership at a discount. I'm really proud of myself for going a few times a week since I signed up. I love to take workout classes and use the rooms to do my own workouts. Madi and I are doing Kayla Itsines BBG program right now and we love to fit that in after a workout class. Of course I had to get myself a gym bag to help keep me motivated/get me excited for working out/hold all my crap. I got the cutest Lululemon one that is the perfect size for everything I need. I like to keep it in my car so I can go straight from work to the gym because once I sit down on that couch, I am not getting back up. Here's what I keep inside:

Lululemon Duffel Bag. I just got this during Lululemon's boxing day sale and I am in love. It looks really small but it fits everything I need inside. I wish I would have bought this sooner!

Nike Rosche Runs. I have tried a lot of different workout shoes and these are my favorite. These have taken a beating and still give my feet great support. I love how many patterns you can buy these in too. If you're looking for an everyday workout shoe, I definitely recommend these!

Headphones. These are a necessity for any workout. I like to watch Youtube videos when I am doing machines because it makes the time fly by.

College Blogger, Fitness Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Jumprope, Nature Valley, Tylenol, Lululemon Duffel Bag, Lululemon Glass Water Bottle, Yoga Mat, Makeup Wipes

Apple Watch. Technically, this is on my wrist, not in my bag. I love tracking my workouts, calories, and heart rate with my Apple Watch. It's a good motivator to watch my daily calories burned and steps taken increase as I'm working out. It's also really nice to be able to change the song playing on my speaker without having to stand up and change it every two minutes.

Granola Bar. Sometimes I go right from work to the gym so I don't have time to eat dinner. I like to keep some kind of snack in my bag to hold me over until I can go home and make food. If I don't do this, I end up stopping at a drive through and binge eating because I am so hungry.

Extra Strength Tylenol. I always get headaches when I work out which is beyond annoying. I try to remember to take a few of these before I start working out to avoid having that problem!

Water Bottle. This is an essential for every gym bag! My favorite water bottle is a glass one from Lululemon. I might be crazy but I feel like water tastes better out of a glass bottle.

College Blogger, Fitness Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Jumprope, Nature Valley, Tylenol, Lululemon Duffel Bag, Lululemon Glass Water Bottle, Yoga Mat, Makeup Wipes

Jump Rope. Jump roping is one of my favorite ways to workout. I like to jump-rope at a moderate speed for 5 minutes as a warm up and cool down!

Makeup Wipes. My face is gross with a capital G when I'm done at the gym. I can't stand having all that sweat on my face so I make sure to keep makeup wipes in my bag to wipe it off. I really like the Neutrogena makeup removing wipes. I have very sensitive skin and very sensitive eyes and these don't irritate me.

Ankle Weights. I wear these sometimes when I feel like I need an extra kick to my workout. The ones I have are 2.5 pounds each and they are the perfect supplement to my workouts!

Milk Cooling Stick. This thing feels like magic when you are sweaty and/or have a headache. It cools you down immediately and doesn't leave any residue. It instantly cools me down and is small enough to keep right next to me at the gym.

That's a wrap for what's in my gym bag. Leave a comment down below telling me what you keep in your gym bag! Also, what other fitness-related posts would you like to see on Fitness Friday's?!



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