My Kendra Scott Collection + Favorite Pieces

My Kendra Scott Collection + Favorite Pieces, Lifestyle Fashion Blog

Kendra Scott
 is (and always will be) my #1 favorite jewelry brand. They have the perfect mix of unique statement jewelry and classic, everyday pieces! I’m a simple girl when it comes to jewelry, and I have a few go-to pieces from Kendra Scott that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This post is basically a round-up of some of my all-time favorite Kendra Scott jewelry pieces I have in my collection!
My Kendra Scott Collection + Favorite Pieces, Lifestyle Fashion Blog

K E N D R A  S C O T T  F I N E  J E W E L R Y

Kendra Scott now offers a line of jewelry made from 14k Gold, 14k White Gold, and 14k Rose Gold paired with ethically sourced diamonds. These are beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime; the kind of jewelry I will hand down to my children! Here’s a little bit about the line taken from the Kendra Scott website:  
“Our Fine Jewelry collection is where Diamonds and gemstones meet modern design. In it, you’ll find thoughtfully crafted Rose Gold necklaces, bridal jewelry, stackable rings, and so much more. Shop necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings that are designed to be loved for a lifetime and beyond.”
Nick got me the Marisa Pendant Necklace in White Diamond and 14k Yellow Gold as a graduation gift when I got my Bachelor's Degree. It's the most special, heartfelt gift I've ever gotten, and I will cherish it for the rest of my life. I literally never take it off! It's so dainty and simple that it matches every piece of clothing I own. This is definitely my favorite piece of Kendra Scott jewelry!
My Kendra Scott Collection + Favorite Pieces, Lifestyle Fashion Blogger
During the last big Kendra Scott sale, I splurged on some new earrings. I have three piercings in each ear, and I honestly haven’t worn earrings in all three holes at the same time in probably 5 years! I have really sensitive ears, so any earrings I wear for long periods of time have to be made of fine metal, like the ones from the Kendra Scott fine jewelry collection

I actually bought four individual stud earrings; some Kendra Scott earrings are sold as singles so you have the freedom to personalize your look. The Payson Mini Stud Earring In 14K Yellow Gold and Marisa Mini 14K Yellow Gold Stud Earring in White Diamond (2 of each) made their way into my cart, and so far I am beyond thrilled with these purchases!

My favorite thing about the Kendra Scott fine jewelry collection is that because of the quality, you never have to take these pieces off. That’s right, you can shower in them, sleep in them, swim in them, whatever you want! The backs of the earrings I got are flat, so they’re really comfortable to sleep in! I love this because I’m way too lazy to take out my earrings every day. When I'm wearing them, I honestly can't even tell I have earrings in because they're so lightweight! 

My Kendra Scott Collection + Favorite Pieces

O T H E R  F A V O R I T E S 

The fine jewelry collection is full of investment pieces. If you’re not quite ready to spend that much on jewelry, Kendra Scott offers hundreds of other bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings made of plated fine metal over brass. They also come out with new jewelry collections every season, so there are always new pieces to look forward to!  

Since they are constantly coming out with new collections, they obviously can’t keep every item in stock forever. Some of my favorites are from older collections and have been discontinued, but I found some really similar pieces that are currently available that I wanted to include in this post!

Ellington Rose Gold Drop Earrings In Black Granite
These black and rose gold drop earrings are seriously my favorite thing ever (yes, I know I say that about everything). They’re super lightweight - it feels like you aren’t even wearing earrings! Sadly, they don’t make these anymore, but I linked some similar styles here and here!
This Rose Gold Drusy rectangle necklace is another favorite. Even though they don’t make this exact style anymore, Kendra Scott has tons of different Drusy pendant necklaces available. If enamel is more your style, they have that too! There’s something for everyone. I love layering this necklace with a few simpler chains. The Leanor Rose Gold Pendant Necklace In Rose Gold Drusy and Ever Rose Gold Pendant Necklace In Rose Gold Drusy are similar options that I also love!
These simple small hoops are one of my most-worn piece of Kendra Scott jewelry (other than my fine jewelry items, because I never take those off). The Huggie Hoop Earring is a similar style that hugs your ear more (hence the name). These are a great alternative to the sold-out Colette Hoops! I’ve also been eying up the Myles Small Hoop Earrings In Gold - they’re so simple and cute! The Myles Hoops are similar in size to my favorite Colette Hoops.

Colette Ring Set
I love these stackable asymmetric gold rings! They can be worn together on the same finger or spread out across your hands. I love mixing in a few other rings to balance out the look! 
I am obsessed with the macrame look of this cuff bracelet! It’s flexible enough to adjust for your wrist size, but it won’t slide off on its own! It looks great as a standalone bracelet, or it makes a fun layering piece to add to a stack. 
Bright vibrant colors are a little out of my comfort zone, but I can’t get enough of this summery blue magnesite pendant. It’s the perfect pop of color that goes great with my neutral summer tanks and dresses! 
I love the way these earrings add a small pop of color to basic gold hoops! I am definitely a hoop person, and these are a fun option that I love having in my collection. They can be dressed up or down to go with any outfit!

Lee Rose Gold Drop Earrings in Rose Gold Drusy
These earrings are my go-to around Thanksgiving and Christmas. They make the most beautiful addition to any holiday outfit! This style of earring is truly timeless, and it comes in a huge variety of colors and metals. It's a staple in my jewelry collection!  

P H I L A N T H R O P I C  W O R K

Kendra Scott is a brand built on three core values: Family, Fashion, and Philanthropy. This quote from their website says it all:  
“She (Kendra Scott) created a brand and culture that authentically values giving back and making a positive difference in the community. The Kendra Scott company maintains a focus on its customers and the causes close to their hearts, abiding by the mantra “What Matters to You, Matters to Us”.”
My Kendra Scott Collection + Favorite Pieces, Lifestyle Fashion Blogger

You might have seen my recent Instagram post sharing some of my Spring Kendra Scott favorites using the hashtag #DoGoodPassItOn. I was so excited to participate in this campaign because the cause was near and dear to my heart. For every influencer that posted a photo using that hashtag, Kendra Scott donated a piece of jewelry to a frontline COVID-19 hero. The company is based in Austin, and I know that my Instagram post helped give a healthcare worker in Austin a reason to smile.  

Kendra Scott has done so much to support healthcare workers, first responders, essential workers, teachers, and those struggling during the last few months. They donated (and are continuing to donate) 50% of the proceeds from the Everlyne Bracelet to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Another way they’ve supported the Austin, Lubbock, and New Orleans communities is through partnering with local women to sew masks out of bandanas. These were distributed to local hospitals and clinics to help first responders that were facing shortages. 

My Kendra Scott Collection + Favorite Pieces, Lifestyle Fashion Blogger

By the way, I’m not being paid to say any of this - I think it's important to support and purchase from brands that do good for the world! I do occasionally receive gifted jewelry items from Kendra Scott, but I also purchase many of my own pieces.  

I hope you loved taking a look at my Kendra Scott collection and seeing my favorite pieces!  Comment down below and let me know what your favorite Kendra Scott pieces are, or if you’re adding any of my favorites to your wishlist!

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