The Best of 2018

I can't believe 2018 is already over. I feel like I just blinked and now it's 2019. I've come to the conclusion that your twenties are such a weird age. On a day to day basis, life pretty much feels like an uphill battle. But when I look back at the past year, it was one of the best I've ever had. It was a year of growth both personally and professionally.

In 2018, I decided what my future career path will be when I finish college. I completely redecorated our home, my photography business grew like I never could have expected. I got my first set of stitches and had another year-long uphill battle with my health. I traveled to many places - 4 months living in Texas, trips to Florida, Baton Rouge, and Grand Cayman. I accomplished so much in the last 12 months, and most important of all, I was SO HAPPY this past year. For the last half of this post, I wanted to share some of my favorites of 2018.

This year, my blog grew exponentially. I had so many amazing opportunities and was able to partner with brands that I had only ever dreamed of working with. I spent countless hours shooting photos and writing posts and re-shooting photos and answering emails and staring at a computer screen...All of my hard work finally started to pay off in 2018, and I can't wait to see where the new year takes me.

Nick and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary in 2018. I didn't think it was still possible to love him more every day after that many years, but I still do. I am so happy with the life we have built together and grateful for these five years with my best friend. 

I finally got some answers about my health this past year. I had a long-overdue sleep study, from which I learned that I have narcolepsy and sleep apnea. We were finally able to start developing a treatment plan, and my quality of life is already starting to improve drastically. On top of that, I lost over 25 pounds in the last half of the year.

I didn't even know it was possible, but I think my love for Golden Retrievers grew even more in 2018. I pet so many cute doggies and now I want my own more than ever.  

I had such an amazing summer. Packing up my car and moving to Texas alone for four months was the adventure of a lifetime. I had the most amazing summer internship experience - I worked for Frankie Jean and learned more than I ever could have imagined. I also had the opportunity to work at Silobration this year with Frankie Jean, which was another "pinch me" experience. I MET JOANNA GAINES! Another highlight of the summer was testing out almost 50 coffee shops in Austin. I collaborated with so many of them on an awesome coffee guide. It was the most fun project I've ever worked on!

I experienced the hardest loss of my life so far this year, but it forced me to be grateful for the time and the memories that I am able to spend with my loved ones. My grandparents are some of the most important people in my life, and I am so grateful that I spent so much time with them last year. I have a busy life, but I make it a priority to spend time with the people I love because those moments are fleeting. 
My home for the summer - Austin will always hold a special place in my heart. I really fell in love with the city in the four months I was there. I have already flown back once since then, and I will hopefully be back many times in the future. You can read some of my favorite Austin blog posts HERE, HERE, and HERE!

I stay at my aunt's condo in Navarre every year, and this year I was so excited for Nick to join me. I usually travel there alone, and it was so fun to show him all of my favorite spots. I already can't wait until our return trip. 

Early in 2018, I made a return trip to my favorite place on earth with my family. Something about Grand Cayman makes me the happiest girl alive. Of course it was another amazing trip! 

After I moved back home from Texas I had a serious urge to redecorate and reorganize our entire house. In hindsight, I probably wouldn't have started such a big project so quickly, but oh well. I could not be happier with how everything turned out. I forgot to take "before" pictures, but I will be doing a blog post of the "after" shots soon! My favorite room is now my office. I used to have my desk crammed in a corner and I never felt motivated to use it. I now spend more time in my office than any other room in my house!
Before I went to Texas, I had to buy a new car. It sucked because that's a bigggg investment, but I ended up finding the most perfect car a few days before I left. I got a 2013 Dark Grey Malibu. It has been so great to me and my cross-country travels of 2018. 

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I usually make a huge list of goals for the new year, but this year I'm only going to focus on one thing. I am going to learn to let things go, and learn to live by one of my favorite phrases, "done is better than perfect." I put these enormous pressures on myself and create way more stress in my life than is necessary. I'm ready to free myself from the unrealistic deadlines of my constant to-do list and the stress I place on myself.

I hope you had a great 2018. I did, and I'm also so ready for 2019! What are your goals for the new year?

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