5 Tips for Stress-Free Travel with Lands' End

Traveling is my favorite thing to do, but it's not always sunshine and rainbows. Even though you might be going on a fun vacation to relax, some moments can get pretty stressful. Here are my 5 best tips for reducing travel-related stress so you can fully enjoy your next adventure.


I am sooooo guilty of this up until recently. Repeat after me: less is more. Cliche but true, the less you bring on a trip the happier you will be. Less things packed = less bags that an airline can lose = less items you have to carry around = less things you have to wonder if you packed on your way home. Sometimes it's really hard to pack lightly, but a tip I use is to pack everything I think I need then take at least 5 things out. I also try to remember that if I REALLY need something that I didn't pack, I can always run to the store and get it when I'm already at my destination. The moral of the story is that your stress level during travel is inversely related to the amount of stuff you bring with you.


The bags you choose to travel with can make or break your trip. It's important to bring bags that aren't too big or too small and also have enough pockets to keep your stuff from getting all jumbled together. I have used a Lands' End canvas tote every single day over the past 6 or so months. I use them in my daily life, but I love traveling with them as well. I just flew back to Texas for a week, and the only bag I brought was my large Lands' End Canvas Tote. Durable enough to take a beating (I'm sometimes rough on equipment), these bags come in dozens of different patterns and sizes. The pockets that line the inside and hook for car keys are game changers.


I am a planner to the core, and when I am traveling that shines through. As soon as I solidify travel plans, I almost immediately get to work planning. I don't necessarily plan every hour, but I like to have a solid list of activities and places to eat before I leave on the trip. I like to draw them out in a map-style format, so I can figure out where everything is relative to where I'm staying. By doing this, I can do activities that are near each other on the same day so I'm not wasting too much time in the car. It's such a relief to have some ideas of where to eat too - especially if you have a long day and are super tired. If you already have a list, you won't have to search for an hour to find some good food.


This is almost opposite of what I said right before this, but it's a must. Like everything in life, you can plan every minute to a T and something will still not go as planned. Instead of getting upset and stressed that your plans changed, embrace that fact that you will still have fun and that everything doesn't have to go perfectly as planned. This is definitely something I'm working on myself! Just go with the flow and your travel will be a lot less stressful. Accept that some things are just out of your control and embrace this amazing new adventure.


The best way to reduce stress is to prepare for every situation. Be sure to pack an external phone charger, printed copies of your hotel information and boarding passes, and your written down rental car info just in case. Knowing that you're prepared for anything that could be thrown your way will help you relax and enjoy your trip!

Utilizing these tips on your next trip will keep your stress levels to a minimum and help you have the trip of a lifetime. Leave a comment down below telling me what upcoming travel plans you have!

This post is sponsored by Lands' End, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog. 

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