December 2018 Favorites

Time to wrap up 2018! I feel like every year goes by really fast, but especially this one. I'm so excited to see what the new year brings and grateful for the year that 2018 was. Here's what I was loving this December!
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  • Glossier the Balm Dotcom. I struggle majorly with dry hands and lips all winter (and pretty much all year) long. I've tried what feels like hundreds of products, but not much has worked. The Balm Dotcom fixes BOTH problems and the best part is that it's only $10! I also love that it doesn't have a smell, and even when I put it on my hands, it's not greasy.
  • Olive + M Shimmer + Glow Oil. You might remember this from my Holiday Gift Guide. This stuff gives me that warm summer glow all year round. It has a subtle shimmer, so it doesn't look like you just glued chunky glitter all over yourself. The best part is that it has super clean ingredients!
  • Glossier Solution. I have heard so many people rave about this on social media, so I had to pick one up and try it myself. I'll admit that I was a little nervous because I have super dry face skin and this is essentially just an acid that you rub all over your face. I was pleasantly surprised though - this stuff feels amazing and makes my skin look so glowy and healthy. It has even helped clear a few breakouts. Skincare products can get really expensive, but this guy is super affordable at only $24!

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  • Macbook Pro. I still can't get enough of my new laptop. I upgraded in November and have used it every single day since. It's amazing how productive you can be when you have a laptop that actually works how it's supposed to!
  • Sperry Duckboot Keychain. I got a pair of Sperry Duckboots this winter that I love, and they came with this adorable little keychain! I have it on my car keys and I'm so obsessed with it.
  • Target Decorative Baskets. A few months ago, we completely redid our closet. I picked up a bunch of these cute baskets from Target to put on our shelves. I got six of them, and each one fits a ton of stuff! I have a full post on my closet coming soon. 
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  • Bunhead Velvet Scrunchie. This was another favorite from my Holiday Gift Guide this year. I am a scrunchie girl through and through and this quickly became my favorite one. Bunhead has so many cute patterns and colors for scrunchies, I want them all!
  • iPad and Macbook Zipper Cases. I was in desperate need of cases for both my iPad and my new laptop. I put these on my Christmas list and I'm so glad I got them! They are a bit on the pricier side for cases, but I think they are so worth it. They are slim but also padded enough that I don't have to worry about anything getting broken. They also have a bunch of pockets inside, which I love to keep my charger and stuff in!
  • Victoria's Secret Leather Backpack. I have always wanted a mini backpack-purse, so I was so excited to see this one on a trip to Victoria's Secret! I LOVE the color, and the size is perfect. It looks just like a Steve Madden one, but at a fraction of the price!

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