Fitness Fridays: My Favorite Places to Buy Activewear

Arguably the best part of working is out wearing cute gym clothes. Considering I wear leggings every single day and not just when I'm working out, my closet needs to be stocked with workout clothes all the time.  I hope to be trying out some new brands as I get more into working out. I have a few favorite places that are my go-tos for purchasing workout clothes. Some of them are pricey and some are cheap, so I arranged them in order from most expensive to least expensive.

Most Expensive: Lululemon

Let me just say, the price is so worth it. Lululemon produces such high quality clothes and they always come out with such cute designs. They have every kind of clothing you could ever want, from pants to jackets. They also have workout accessories like yoga mats and waterbottles and accessories like hats and headbands. Some of my favorite products from Lululemon are their Wunder Under leggings and their small duffel bag!

A close second in price to Lululemon, Athleta is a sister company of Gap and Old Navy. They have a lot of similar things to Lululemon at about the same price range. My favorite thing about Athleta clothing is that they have more "casual" athletic clothing, meaning most of their pieces you could wear going out after the gym and not look out of place.

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This store is my go-to for pretty much everything, so of course I am a regular in their activewear section. Target has a huge selection of leggings and sports bras! They also have some really cute jackets and shorts. They have a good selection of workout shoes and equipment too; it's the perfect one-stop shop!

Least Expensive: Old Navy
Old Navy has so many pieces under $20. They have an awesome clearance section where I've found tank tops and shorts for under $5! You just have to know where to look. I check the clearance section every time I'm there for new workout clothes. Even if you buy their activewear full priced though, it is super affordable.

What are your favorite stores to shop for workout clothes? Leave a comment down below letting me know!