Packing List for a Beach Vacation + Free Printable

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Spring break is in less than two weeks so I am just starting to pack. I usually wait until the very last minute but this year I wanted to be more prepared. I always always always make a checklist when I'm packing to make sure I got everything! I thought I'd share my packing list for beach vacations with you here. The best part is that I fit all of this into a carry on suitcase and personal item! Here's what I pack (give or take a few items) for every beach trip. Of course it includes the obvious, basic items, but it also includes a few important things you might not have considered! If you want to know what I pack in my beach bag while I'm on vacation, you can check out my last post HERE.

I made this checklist into a free downloadable printable for you guys so you can download it before your next trip! Click HERE to download it! What are your must-pack items for beach vacations? Leave a comment down below letting me know!


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