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Yay for weekends! Two days to do anything you want. I'm here today sharing what you need so you can have the best weekend ever!
Baseball Hats
Baseball hats are a necessity because who the hell has enough time/ambition to wash their hair on the weekend?! I love my GRL PWR baseball hat and how many compliments I get on it! You can buy it HERE.

Coffee is a daily necessity for me, not just a weekend essential. However, on weekends I sometimes like to go out for coffee to reward myself for a successful week. I either hit up Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts for a yummy fix. My personal faves are caramel iced coffee and iced caramel macchiatos. And yes, I'm one of those people who drinks iced coffee year round even when it's freezing! If you're ballin on a budget though, some of my favorite make-at-home coffees are Starbucks Breakfast Blend roast and Starbucks Vanilla K-Cups. I love to pair these with the Coffeemate Naturals Vanilla Creamer!

Good Movies
A weekend just isn't a successful weekend without binge watching movies or Netflix for at least part of a day. I'm currently watching Grey's Anatomy for the third time, and I'm obsessed. I always seem to struggle finding good movies on Netflix. I usually end up spending way too much time googling "good Netflix movies" and never end up finding one. They have a good selection of Disney movies though, if you're into that! If you can't find a good movie on Netflix, I'd recommend streaming one or hitting up your local Redbox to see what's new.

College Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Movies, Drinks, Coffee, How to Have the Best Weekend Ever

One of my favorite parts of the weekend is being able to relax and have a drink with friends. It is absolutely necessary for me to have cute can coozies or wine glasses when I drink. I LOVE these can coozies by the Her Campus Shop (links HERE)! They really help step up my Instagram game. Here's a little life hack that I recently learned - Aldi has bottles of wine for like $3 and they taste AMAZING. Like, I prefer the taste of my $3 Aldi wine more than the $20 bottle in my fridge. Even if you're not 21 or don't drink, grab a virgin pina colada or a soda with one of these adorable can coozies!

Going along with good movies, a MoviePass is a huge essential for me. Basically, you pay $10 a month and you can go see any movie in almost any movie theater for free. It's limited to one per day. This has seriously changed my life. Going to movies is such a fun weekend activity! I love being able to go see movies that I'm not sure will be good without worrying that I'm going to waste my money on it. It also makes for a great cheap date night! Or you can go alone, if that's your thing. I just saw the new Fifty Shades movie and love it. I definitely recommend going to see it if you can.

A Good Pair of Sweats
I live in sweatpants, especially on the weekend. Sometimes I have to make myself look slightly more presentable though, so I love wearing joggers or more fitted sweatpants and leggings. It's slightly embarrassing, but I categorize my sweats into two categories: "home" sweats and "going out in public" sweats. Below are some of my favorites!

Thank you again to the Her Campus shop for working with me on this post. You guys know that I only work with brands I genuinely love, and I love the Her Campus shop! They have super awesome merch that empowers women and is perfect for college students. Everything on their website is extremely affordable too, which I love! If I haven't convinced you to check out their shop yet, you can use my code jordanhebl for 10% off your order! You can check out their website HERE. Leave a comment down below and tell me what your weekend essentials are!

This post is sponsored by the Her Campus Shop. Thank you to the Her Campus Shop for providing me with the products pictured below in order to make this post possible. All opinions are my own.


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