3 Tips Guaranteed to Make Your Semester Easier

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Hey guys! With a new semester right around the corner, I thought it would be perfect to have my friend Taneisha guest post for me. She's here today sharing some awesome tips on how to make your semester easier!


With the spring semester quickly approaching, you might be saying to yourself “this is going to be my best semester yet!", then after a couple of weeks of being in school, you're back to doing what you always do, procrastinating and having lack of motivation.  

With these three tips, you are guaranteed to have your best semester yet!


Organize, organize, organize!! I cannot stress this enough. There used to be a time when I would think buying one binder for a class and using it for all of my classes was a smart decision... yeah right. 

Things that keep me organized throughout the semester.
  • Planners- I would personally be a hot mess without my planner. I keep it in my backpack at all times, so that I can always write down what I need to do, and I also make sure to check it every day to get things done.
  • Keep track of your syllabi- It would benefit you to house all of your syllabi into one folder so that you can keep track of them all. This way you can refer back to them instead of asking your professor for important dates. Most of my professors won't tell me about the upcoming test until the week of because it was stated in the syllabus and if I was checking it regularly I would have known I had a test that week. 
  • Color Code- Color coding allows me to know which notebooks and folders are for what class. Not only will this save you time when you're getting your things together in the morning, it also ensures that you're grabbing the right things. 


Set goals for yourself this semester. I found it's easier to set a bunch of smaller goals that help you reach your big goal. 

For Example: Your big goal= Make an A in every class

Well, how would you go about doing that?

Small goals:
  • Study your notes for every class daily even if it's just for 30 minutes to an hour
  • Stay ahead of the game. Read your chapters ahead of time to ensure that you know the material, or you're at least familiar with the material when your professor goes over it in class.
  • Go to study groups.
  • Test yourself
  • START STUDYING A WEEK BEFORE ALL OF YOUR EXAMS! Please do not wait until the night before or the day of and expect a good grade. 

 If you are determined to have a successful semester it will happen. Stay focused and don't lose sight of the big goal. Meditate and pray often. Speak your goals into existence and work hard for what you want.

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