100+ Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

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I thought it would be really fun to do a gift guide this holiday season. Buying gifts for other people is seriously one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I love picking out a personal gift for everyone on my list and seeing their reactions when they open it. I really wanted to include some inexpensive/diy ideas as well, because if you're in college like me you might not have a huge budget. Here are some ideas for you to use this year!

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Below is a full list of everything pictured here with links on where to get them!
Gifts for Her
59. Slippers
60. Body Pillow
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Below is a full list of everything pictured here with links on where to get them!
Gifts for Him
81. Spotify Premium
82. Board Game
83. Book
84. Gas Gift Card
85. Candy
86. Headphones
87. Custom photo phone case
88. Jacket
89. CD
90. Swell water bottle
91. Notebook
92. Clean out his car
93. Beer
94. Concert or event tickets
95. Tool Set
96. Build-A-Bear
97. Boots
98. DVD set of favorite tv show
99. Gift Cards
100. Gift Set
101. Pajamas
102. Xbox One
103. Case of Soda
104. Homemade love coupons
105. Baseball hat
106. DIY Fleece blanket
107. Movie
108. New Shoes
109. Hygiene gift basket
110. Slippers
111. Bake something
112. Socks
113. Pot/Pan set
114. Sweatpants
115. College Apparel
116. Fill-in-the-blank book
117. Hat/Scarf set
118. External phone charger
119. DIY Scrapbook
120. Wallet
121. Movie pass for your local theater
122. DIY Movie gift basket
123. Blanket

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  1. um WOW, this is some dedication. Half of these things I want to buy for myself ahaha

  2. I LOVE buying gifts for others as well! I try really hard to find something specific and unique that they will love! These gift guides you created are absolutely amazing and will be so helpful to everyone!

  3. There are quite a few of these that I would love too! :P
    Perhaps I'll share the link my husband's way lol

  4. Oh my goodness thank you for this! I still need to buy some gifts and am LOVING these options! Might need to add some of these to my wish list too! 😍