10 Easy Ways to Accessorize Your Bedroom

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Hey guys! Today I am super excited to share a post written by my new blog-friend, Rebecca. If you like my blog, you would love hers. Make sure you go check out her blog and give her some love!
Can you guess which room is the most neglected space in people's homes today? Believe it or not, it's the bedroom! The place we all retreat to for 8 hours of shuteye after every long day. The single most neglected room in a home is arguable the most important.

Despite this, it's become common practice for new homeowners to leave this room for very last when it comes to decorating. And who can blame them? After all, no one sees this extremely private space but the homeowners. However, saving this project for later can be a slippery slope, as later inevitably turns into never.

Shouldn't we give our bedrooms a little love? I think we owe it to ourselves to! That's why I'm here, to share ten easy ways to accessorize your master bedroom to make it more inviting.

1. Layering your bed with shades of white. Or if not white, perhaps another cool, neutral tone. I'm a huge advocate for neutrals in the bedroom as they help create that peaceful/zen atmosphere.

2. Add 2-3 throw pillows to your bed. If you ever happen to stop by my blog you''ll know I'm a self-proclaimed throw pillow addict. But it's completely justifiable when you see how they transform your bed. They add the right amount of visual interest to draw you in to your bed.

3. Create a visual anchor above the bed. This could be a headboard or several pieces of artwork you really enjoy. Maybe even a small gallery wall.

Bedroom Decor, New Home Projects, Room Makeover, Home Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, College Blogger, Bedroom Accessory Tips

4. Add a dresser vignette. A vignette is just a fancy way of saying a pretty arrangement of items. You can create one just by using any ol' tray, or shiny platter, and placing it atop your dresser or armoire. Next add a few scented candles or your favorite perfume. Items placed in three's tend to be more visually appealing, so try adding three items.

5. Treat yourself to some fresh blooms! These will freshen up any corner in your home. But who says you can't be a little selfish and keep them to yourself?

6. Add some cute curtain pulls. You can find some statement curtain pulls on website such as Joss and Main. Alternatively, you could use old door knobs mounted to either side of the window frame.

7. Display a few of your favorite reads on the nightstand.  This is your space, so feel free to place those corny romance novels or mystery thrillers here if you'd prefer. These are just for you.

8. Add a variety of lamps. It would be a good idea to have at least one by your bedside, but don't be afraid to have multiple lamps of varying shapes and styles in your room.

9. Layer your rugs. Anchor your bed space with a large area rug, then try stacking another smaller rug across this one. These rugs could be different textures and styles, but try to keep your choices in the same color family to prevent it from appearing too chaotic.

10. Place a cute, vintage-y alarm clock next to your bed. This will add style and make sure you're not late for work in the morning. Otherwise, I guarantee you won't want to get out of bed.

Bedroom Decor, New Home Projects, Room Makeover, Home Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, College Blogger, Bedroom Accessory Tips

I want to give a quick shout-out to Jordan for allowing me the opportunity to share my post on her blog. This is the first of many collaborations with her I hope, and I'm incredibly excited. In the meantime, if you'd like more home decor ideas and resources feel free to visit me at Deep River Decor, the blog devoted entirely to simplifying your decor projects and sharing Connecticut's hidden gems.


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