Finals Week Productivity Tips

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College is exhausting and there's always a million things to do every day. With finals week upon us, there is even more to do than usual! Here are my personal tried-and-true tips for maximizing your productivity during finals week!

1. Complete your most challenging task first.
I found this tip on Pinterest and it really makes sense. After you finish your hardest tasks, it's all downhill from here!

2. Set timer to work in 25 minute chunks with 5 minute breaks.
Science shows that this is the best way to maximize your productivity.

3. Change up your scenery.
I have found that I'm most productive when I am at Starbucks with my laptop and an iced coffee. I get way more done there than I ever would in my apartment. Find your productive place, whether it's a coffee shop or a library. Set aside time to go there every day during finals week.

4. Break down large tasks into smaller ones.
This semester, I had three 10-page papers I had to write. I found that the best way to do this was to break down each paper into smaller portions. I wrote one page a day for ten days, and then I had a completed paper! It seems like so much less work than it would if you waited until the last minute to write all ten pages.

5. Make sure to treat yourself!
I like to set goals for myself, and if I complete the tasks I wanted to complete by the end of the day I like to treat myself.  Sometimes, this means going to get a coffee, and sometimes it means going to get my favorite raspberry lemon ice from Culver's.

6. Take breaks.
I have found what personally works best for me is taking a break about every hour or so. When you're taking a break, make sure you don't watch Netflix or do something you that will suck you in. I like to take a walk or a bath.

7. Take a nap.
Sometimes you need a short little nap to re-boot your system and make you more productive.  Make sure you set an alarm though, so you don't sleep for the rest of the day!

Those are my tips for surviving your finals week.  Good luck on all of your finals! Let me know your tips in the comments.


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