6 Seriously Good Reads

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Lately, I've been really into reading motivational self-improvement books. I thought I would share some of my favorites here today, in case you happen to be searching for some new reading material.

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1. #Girlboss
By Sophia Amoruso

If I have ever met you in person, chances are I've preached to you about how good this book is and told you to go buy it right now. Sophia Amoruso is the founder of Nasty Gal, and this book is about her journey from a poor broke teen to a millionaire CEO.
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2. Rich Bitch
By Nicole Lapin

As a Finance major, this book was super interesting to me. It is a guide to helping you take control of your finances, but it is not the kind of book that tells you to stop buying lattes and make your own coffee at home. It contains realistic ways for you to take control of your financial situation. I think this is a great read for college students.
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3. You Are A Badass
By Jen Sincero

This book helps you find your inner badass and helps you open up to the potential of how much better your life can be. Read this book if you know you have potential that you haven't tapped into yet, and it will definitely help you.
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4. Adulting
By Kelly Williams Brown

This book gives you tangible steps on how to be an adult. This book was really funny, but also really useful. It covers a wide range of topics from how to clean to how to deal with emergencies. I loved this book, it was such an easy read and I learned a lot about how to be a better adult.
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5. Do Less: A minimalist guide to a simplified, organized, and happy life
By Rachel Jonat

I am definitely a type-A person, so I really enjoyed reading this book. It got me super motivated to go clean and organize everything I own. I was skeptical about the idea of minimalism before I read this book, but now it seems very attainable to me. A lot of steps in this book were very helpful and I was able to apply them to my life.
Very Good Lives, JK Rowling, College Reads, Inspirational Books, Millenial Books, College Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger
8. Very Good Lives
By J.K. Rowling

This book is really short-I read the whole thing in about 20 minutes-but it is really great. It is a transcript of a speech J.K. Rowling gave at a graduation ceremony. It really reiterates the importance of failure and how it makes you grow as a person.


Okay, so that completes this list for now. These books have all somehow lit a fire under my ass and made me want to go out and do something awesome with my life in one way or another. I would love to hear any of your book suggestions, either in the comments down below, or tweet me!


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