4 Fun Fourth of July DIYs

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because it's right in the middle of summer. My favorite way to celebrate is at the cabin or out on the boat with friends and family. I love being extra with my Fourth of July outfit and Instagram photos because, why not?! Today I'm sharing some super fun and EASY patriot projects that you can rock this Fourth of July, or really, any day during the year! If you make any of these, be sure to tag me on Instagram or Tweet pictures to me!


You'll Need:
     -White bucket hat (I got mine from Amazon)
     -Blue and Red Tie Dye
     -Rubberbands (usually come with tie dye kit)
     -Iron-on Letters (mine are from Micheal's)
First things first, tie dye your bucket hat. This is the best part. You can really go any route with this so be creative! After you're finished dying the hat, rinse it with cold water and run it through the washing machine. Then, you're ready to add your letters. I put "USA" on mine, but of course you could put any saying. I bought some iron-on letters at the craft store and simply ironed them on. You can see that I did not end up using the big letters that are in the first picture. I substituted smaller letters because I thought they looked better.


You'll Need:
     -Red, White, Grey and Blue Felt
     -DMC Floss
This little pennant is perfect for those Instagram pictures! Basically, just fold a piece of felt in half and make a little mark on it. Then draw a triangle from two corners to the dot in the middle to make a triangle. I sketched out the USA letters freehand on some paper and cut them out and used them as a pattern. After I had my letters cut out, I hand stitched around each one with DMC floss. I tried using fabric glue before this and for some reason it did not hold at all. You could definitely use a hot glue gun or some iron-on adhesive if you don't feel like sewing.


You'll Need:
     -Basic White Pocket T-Shirt
     -Medium Size Flag Patch (I got mine at Joann's)

This is a super easy DIY but it is so fun! Basically I just ironed the patch onto the pocket of my T-Shirt. That's all there is to it! I made mine off centered and lined the top of the patch up with the top of the pocket. I got a more oversized shirt so I could tie it in the front. It would also be cute to cut the bottom to make it slightly more cropped.


You'll Need:
     -Wine Glass (Glass or Stainless Steel)
     -Oracle 651 Vinyl Sheets (I got mine at Micheal's)
     -Rubbing Alcohol
I am so happy with how this one turned out! It was so easy that you could make these for any occasion. First, wipe down the entire wine glass with rubbing alcohol. This ensures that the vinyl will stick on the glass and remain permanent. Next is the fun part. Cut out any designs from the vinyl that you want! I hand drew stars with a pencil on the back of the vinyl as my pattern. I love the messy, imperfect look of the stars and that each one is a little different. I used silver, white, red, and blue and cut 4 different sized stars from each one. Then just go ahead and cut them out. The last step is to apply them to your cup. Peel the backing off and be super careful not to touch the adhesive too much. Just apply to the cup and rub it until it's flat and that's it! These are super quick to make and would be so fun to make for your whole crew to use on the Fourth!


I hope you have an amazing holiday and get to rock some of these awesome DIYs! Leave a comment down below letting me know which one is your favorite!


  1. Such cute ideas!! Thank you for sharing- these are great!

  2. These are so neat & thoughtful. I’m a sucker for good DIY projects that don’t take too long and come out super cute. Love these!! :)


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