BB Sculpt Ice Facial with Bronzed Bunny

This post is sponsored by Bronzed Bunny in Austin, Texas. Thank you so much to Bronzed Bunny for working with me on this post. All opinions are my own.

I am beyond excited for today's post! I love sharing experiences with you guys, especially when they're beauty related. I had the most amazing time working with Bronzed Bunny here in Austin Texas. Bronzed Bunny is an Airbrush and Sugar Spa located in southern Austin along with a few locations in California. They offer a wide range of services including sugaring, spray tanning, and BB sculpt treatments for the face and body.

I went to Bronzed Bunny to get the BB Sculpt Facial. The facial costs $95 and here's what it does, directly from their website: "Reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, burn stored fat, diminish your double chin and lift and tone your entire face! Our Ice Facial is a blend of herbs and natural ingredients formulated just for the face. Much like her sister, our BB Sculpt Ice Facial follows all the same steps starting with wood therapy using our custom facial tools. Imagine a Facelift and Lipsuction combined in one 45 min ALL NATURAL treatment! You're welcome." What really drew me to this facial is how unique it is. As a blogger, I often find myself researching beauty treatments and procedures. I've never read or heard about a facial that can do so much while being noninvasive and all natural.

From the moment I walked into Bronzed Bunny, I knew I was going to have a great experience. The staff was so friendly and welcoming. They even gave me a free Bellini. Who can pass that up?! The whole place is decorated so cute with black and white with gold accents. Not that the interior of a business matters that much...but this is the cutest one I've ever stepped inside!

The facial started out with oil being massaged into my face to help the wood tools glide over the skin better. Wood tools were next - this was one of my favorite parts. The esthetician used a variety of different tools to help move fat cells from unwanted places to lymphatic drains in your face. This helps with the contouring effect. One of the things I loved most was that the esthetician explained each step before she did it and the benefits of the products she was using. I loved knowing what she was putting on my face and how it would make a difference. Finally, the best part. They used an ice cold clay mixture on my face. The cold part helps your body's natural process of Cold Induced Thermogenesis. This is when your body is trying to heat up your skin back to its normal temperature. In the process, it burns fat cells. The combination of the wood tools and the ice mask help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, shrink pores, help with overall skin tone, and even helps shrink that double chin! She left the mask on for a few minutes and then wiped it off with cold washcloths. Then she added some sunscreen and moisturizer to finish it off. I was in and out of Bronzed Bunny in about 45 minutes. The treatment wasn't too long but also wasn't too short - I felt like it was the perfect amount of time.

After reading all this, you might have a few questions. I know I sure did before I went in. Here are a few questions I had before the facial and now that I've had it, I can answer them.

Does it hurt?
The only thing that hurt the tiniest bit was the initial application of the ice. When it was pressed on my forehead for a few seconds it felt like a bad brain freeze, but as the esthetician moved it around it stopped hurting. Other than that, there was zero pain. And even the little bit of pain I experienced was so minor.

Does it actually work?
I'll admit that I was slightly skeptical about the facial and all of the things it promised to do. Bronzed Bunny recommends having 1-3 BB Sculpt Facials to obtain the best results. So far, I've only had one and I've already seen major results! Now it's been a week since my facial and my skin still has a glow to it. My pores still look smaller and the definition that I noticed immediately after the facial is still there. On top of that, my skin feels tight, healthy, and moisturized.

Does it Cause Breakouts?
The idea of someone touching my face and rubbing things all over it made me a little concerned about acne. While they do use a bunch of different products during the facial, none of them clog your pores. Everything they use is natural and non-comedogenic. One week after the facial I still have not had any breakouts and my skin is still looking good and feeling amazing!

If you live in or find yourself in the Austin area, you have to check out Bronzed Bunny. I am hooked, and you will be too. Bronzed Bunny also offers so many other services like sugaring, spray tanning, and even full body BB Sculpting! If this post hasn't convinced you, check out their website HERE and their Instagram HERE and I betcha you'll change your mind. From the people to the services to the overall aesthetic, you will not regret trying out any of their services.

Bronzed Bunny is located at: 7101 W Highway 71 Suite E9, Austin, TX

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