3 Easy + Cheap DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Hey friends! I'm back today with a super exciting post. I am a sucker for Valentine's Day - it's one of my favorite holidays. I'm a really creative person but I'm also on a college student budget, and sometimes that makes it difficult to spoil the people I love. I had so much fun putting together this post of 3 super easy DIY Valentine's Day Gits. Handmade gifts like these are often much more memorable than something that was purchased in a store. The best part is, these DIYS are really inexpensive and quick to make if you are last minute like me. You can even modify these ideas to use for Christmas or birthdays!

Gift #1
The first gift idea follows this basic structure: wine glass, gift card, beauty product, wine, and fuzzy socks. There are tons of different variations you can make to this and you can spend as little or as much as you'd like on each item. Package all of these together in a cute little bag and you have the most perfect gift for a friend or family member! Here's how I made my DIY wine glass:
-Plain stemless wine glass. They sell these at Target and Amazon!
-Scrap paper and a pencil
-Pastel colored paint. I got mine at Joanns. Make sure it is a kind of paint that is made for glass. The brand I got is FolkArt. This paint is dishwasher safe after is has been cured!
-White paint pen. Make sure this is oil based and made for glass. I used a Sharpie one from Joanns.
-Hair dryer (optional)

1. Sketch out your design on scrap paper. Once you have your design to your liking, stick it inside of the wine glass.
2. Use your pastel paint first. I had to do about 6 coats of this pink paint to get it to the opacity I liked. This paint needs to be cured in an oven in order to be dishwasher safe. The directions for this are on the FolkArt website.
3. I used a hair dryer to dry the paint in between coats. This step is optional, but it sure does speed up the process.
4. Use your white paint pen to outline the design and add any finishing touches. I also used the hair dryer in between coats of this. I did 3 coats.

Here's a price breakdown for the gift that I put together:
-Lip Gloss: $5 (you can find really inexpensive name brands at TJ Maxx)
-Fuzzy Socks: $2
-Starbucks Gift Card: $5
-Wine Glass: $1
-Paint for Wine Glass: $6
-Wine: $3 (this is from Aldi, it's so good and cheap!)
Total Price: $22

Gift #2
The basic structure for this second gift is: planner, pens, pencil pouch, small notepads. The Dollar Spot at Target is a gold mine for finding inexpensive planning accessories. 

Here's a price breakdown for the gift that I put together:
-Planner: $20 at Target, or you can find cheaper ones on Amazon!
-Ban.do Pencil Pouch: $6 (I got mine at Starbucks)
-Bic Intensity Pens: $3
-Weekly Planner pad: $3 (from the Target Dollar Spot)
-Daily Tasks Notepad: $3 (from the Target Dollar Spot)
Total Cost: $35

Gift #3
This gift is the perfect idea for any guy in your life. Guys are super hard to shop for on any occasion. Pair this DIY travel coffee mug with some food and a movie and gift card and you have a perfect gift! The basic structure of this gift is: coffee mug, candy, snack food, movie, and gift card. Here's how I customized this coffee mug:

-Travel Coffee Cup (I got mine at Walmart)
-CraftSmart Paint Pen

1. Sketch out your design on scrap paper first.
2. Lightly sketch your design onto your cup with a pencil.
3. Trace over it with your black paint pen! I did two coats. I let it dry for about a day and then it was perfect!

Here's a price breakdown for the gift that I put together:
-Gift Card: I did $25, but you could do any amount!
-DVD: You can find these in the $5 bin at Walmart
-Bag of Candy: $3
-Beef Jerky: $4
-Cup: $10
-Paint Pen to make cup: $3
Total Cost: $50

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  1. Great gift ideas! It really shows creativity and I love the mini gifts that add up to a theme!

    Melanie | I'm Not a Beauty Guru


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