What's In My Bag: Intern Edition

I started an internship in May and I have already learned so much! This internship is totally new to me as I have never done anything like this. It is so exciting to have my first "big girl job" and to be using some of the things I have learned in my last four years of college. The first notable thing I have learned from this job is what to pack in my bag for work every day! The first day I found myself needing a bunch of things I forgot, so I thought making this post might help some of you guys out!
The bag I carry to work is this beautiful blue Kate Spade one. It holds tons of stuff and I love how structured it is and how professional it looks. Here's what I carry in my bag every day:

Planner. I take my planner absolutely everywhere so obviously I take it to work too! It's perfect to help plan my days and make sure I have my schedule all worked out. I have a bunch of posts on my planner that you can check out if you're interested!

Notebook. I have a weakness for cute notebooks. On the first day of my internship, I found myself taking a lot of notes on random pieces of paper. So on day two and beyond, I starting packing a notebook in my bag. I think my "Just Chill" notebook is from Cotton On. Some other places I buy cute notebooks from are Etsy, Target, and Urban Outfitters.

Phone Cord. I swear my phone has the shortest battery life in the world. A charger is necessary to survive the long work day.

Water bottle. Camelback waterbottles have been my number one essential since I started college. I have found that when I constantly have one by my side, I end up drinking wayyyy more water throughout the day. It is really important to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially during an internship!

Snacks. I find myself needing a snack a few hours after I get to work, so I make sure to bring some with me. I try to bring things that are on the healthier side. Some of my favorites are teddy grahams, larabars, goldfish, and fruit snacks.

Writing Utensils. This one pretty much goes without saying, but you wouldn't want to be caught off guard forgetting something so simple. Bring lots of different things to write with, because you will end up losing some of them!

Touch Up Makeup. The first week while I was on my lunch break, I found myself looking in the mirror and cringing at how bad my makeup looked. I have since learned the importance of bringing a few makeup essentials with me to work. Some of the things I bring are a setting powder, mascara, highlighter, and lip color.

Lip Products. One of my favorite things about having to dress professionally and do my makeup every day is experimenting with lip colors. I keep four or five in my bag in case I forget to put on a lip color in the morning. Some of my favorites are by NARS, Kat Von D, and Kylie Jenner.

Kleenex. This might be kind of an obvious one, but they are really nice to have when you need them!

Paper Tape. This is my favorite life hack ever. You can buy a roll of paper tape at the Dollar Tree and it literally is a lifesaver. I'm not really sure what the actual purpose of paper tape is, but I put it on my feet over a blister or somewhere my shoes are rubbing. Then when you put your shoes back on, the paper tape makes your feet feel completely better! It's amazing. It has saved me a few times during my long 12 hour shifts.

Wallet and Some Cash. I'm always sure to keep some cash with me at my desk for coffee and food runs. I like this little one that attaches to my keys so I have one less thing to worry about losing!

Oil Blotting Sheets. For some reason that I haven't quite figured out yet, by the middle of the work day my face looks like an oil slick. These oil blotting sheets have saved me. Now I won't leave the house without them.

The day before I started my internship, I googled what to pack in my intern bag so I didn't forget anything.  I didn't find what I was looking for, and I hope this post can provide some answers for you. Even if you aren't doing an internship, these essentials would work for any day in a normal job!

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  1. I love that you pack a bunch of lib products, I'm the same way, I love having lots of options ^_^


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