Sephora Play! Box: April 2018

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I got my April Play! Box in the mail and I am super excited about what's inside. The product I'm most excited to try is the Drunk Elephant Sukari Babyfacial. I've never tried any Drunk Elephant products, but I've been wanting to for a long time. Beyond that, this box was filled with brands that I love. I am obsessed with Urban Decay lip products and I looooove how Living Proof hair products make my hair feel. I also recently started using Peter Thomas Roth products, so I was excited to try out the primer that came in this month's box. Read on for a breakdown of the price of the box.

-Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial: Retail Value: $25.00
"A pro-quality AHA/BHA mask that works as a "facial" to reveal greater clarity, improved skin texture and tone, and a more youthful-looking radiance."
-Urban Decay Hi-Fi Lip Gloss in SPL: Retail Value: $2.86
"On-trend, iridescent lip gloss that visually plumps while it moisturizes lips."
-Peter Thomas Roth Skin To Die For No-Filter Mattifying Primer and Complexion Perfecter: Retail Value: $7.00
"Weightless primer that blurs imperfections and reduces the look of pores."
-Philosophy Purity Exfoliating Clay Mask: Retail Value: $3.06
"Philosophy's creamy-rich pore extracting mask helps draw out impurities, scrub away blackheads and shrink the look of pores."
-Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick: Retail Value: $3.13
"A hydrating lipstick that creates full lips with intense color."
-Living Proof Phd Shampoo and Conditioner: Retail Value: $0.81
"A nourishing, weightless shampoo and conditioner for healthy-looking hair."

Total Value of Box: $41.86

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Margaritaville Grand Cayman // Hotel Review

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I just got back from my second trip to Grand Cayman, where we stayed at the Margaritaville Beach Resort for the second time. This hotel is the root of so many great, happy memories in my life. I am so happy we chose to stay here not once, but twice. When I was researching hotels before our first trip to Grand Cayman, I had a hard time finding any information on this hotel because it was so new. This resort was previously the Treasure Island Resort until the Margaritaville franchise bought it.  They started their huge remodel over two years ago and are still working on it in 2018.

The property includes 3 pools, a swim up bar, a huge gift shop, and three onsite restaurants (with more coming soon!). We love the Margaritaville restaurants and I've stayed at a few different Margaritaville resorts in the United States. I always have great experiences, so that's why I decided to stay at Margaritaville Resort in Grand Cayman. I'm going to walk you through a little "resort tour"and let you know what I loved and didn't love about staying here.

The hotel is located on West Bay Road, right on Seven Mile Beach. There are tons of restaurants and beach access points within walking distance. We loved to walk along the beach towards the busier parts of 7 Mile Beach to snorkel and swim. A smoothie place, Burger Shack, Pepper's Bar and Grill, and a liquor store are all within walking distance of the hotel. It's a short drive to Camana Bay shopping center and the downtown cruise port. We walked downtown to Hard Rock Cafe a few times and it's about a 40 minute walk each way.

Here's the lobby. I am obsessed with the layout and the decor. It is super open with tons of places to sit. There's a little place to get breakfast in the lobby and a bar. I love the open air layout and the laid back vibe. There's tons of comfy seating too. We spent a few nights down in the lobby playing Uno before bed! The hotel also hosted live music in the lobby one night when we were there and it was so fun!

image via Margaritaville
image via Margaritaville
I forgot to take a picture of our hotel room before we made a huge mess out of it, so above is a picture of the room directly from the hotel's website. Both times we stayed, we had two queen beds. The beds and pillows are super comfy. The rooms included a safe, a mini fridge, and a balcony. They have k-cups (coffee and tea) and paper to-go coffee cups with a Keurig that I used every morning. They also give you a mini water bottle for each guest during each day of your stay. This is super nice because bottled water is really expensive there!

This hotel has THREE pools! One of the pools even includes a swim up bar. They're super warm and clean. They have plenty of chairs and tables by the pool to sit in. This year, they had added cabanas to the mix! The cabanas are free to use. It's like a huge comfy mattress with some pillows and a top that shades you from the burning hot sun. It's so easy to spend a day in one of these! The hot tub is like burn-your-skin hot which is great when you aren't sunburned.

The beach area has the pristine white sand that the Cayman Islands are known for. There is a semi-circle of big rocks a little ways out that form a swimming area. This makes is very kid-friendly and keeps out any potential big waves. There is some cool snorkeling over by the rocks. One year we saw a huge lobster at the bottom! We also took some really cool pictures jumping off the rocks. It was probably super frowned upon, but we had to do it for the Instagram. There are tons of nice beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach that are free for guests to use. They also have free towel rentals available so you don't have to pack one in your suitcase!

Since we are picky eaters, we only ate at the restaurant by the pool bar. I got a cheeseburger and my mom got a quesadilla that I tried. Both were really yummy. It wasn't super overpriced. Most of the food was comparable to the prices of restaurants that weren't on the resort. Of course, all of the bars on the property have amazing tropical fruity drinks. The resort has tons of other restaurants on site though. Some of them are not quite open yet. Right now, they have the License to Chill Bar, It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar + Grill, and Yara Steakhouse, with Spread Bistro coming soon.

This resort falls into a middle price category. It's not super expensive like the Ritz, but it's also not the cheapest hotel available. In my opinion, both of my stays were absolutely worth the money. I think we paid around $250 a night both times we were there. I think there was a resort fee of around $35 every day too. You can charge food and drinks to the room which would obviously increase the price, but we never had any surprise charges.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I love Margaritaville Resort Grand Cayman and I will definitely be staying there again. If you are planning a trip to Grand Cayman soon, check out this resort. There's so much to do without even leaving the resort. There's a bunch of pools and a beautiful ocean swimming area. The staff are so friendly and go out of their way to make your stay amazing. The rooms and lobby/pool areas are all very clean. The island-themed decor throughout the entire resort makes me so happy. It really feels like you are in paradise when you stay here. There's plenty of places to park your rental car (for free), which we loved. We rented a car both times and were able to park within 30 seconds of the hotel lobby.

I have very few complaints about this resort. Hopefully by the time they are completely done renovating, they will have all the kinks worked out. The main complaint is that we had to walk almost 10 minutes just to get to an ice machine. Since we had a keg of beer in our room, we had to make trips to the ice machine almost every day. It was kind of annoying that there wasn't one on our floor. The view during this second stay sucked. Out the front of the room, we had a pool view, which was nice. However, on the balcony, we had a view of a parking lot. We couldn't even see the ocean. I'm sure they have rooms with amazing ocean views, but ours wasn't one of them.

You should definitely check out Margaritaville Beach Resort next time you find yourself booking a trip to the Cayman Islands. You won't regret it!

Travel Essentials x Thread Wallets

This post is sponsored by Thread Wallets. Thank you to Thread Wallets for sending me the product to make this post possible.  All opinions are my own.

Picture this: you're in the line for airport security and open your wallet to get your ID out. You can't find it because your wallet is so full of random receipts and one too many loyalty cards. You sit down on the plane and dig through your backpack for 15 minutes before you can find your headphones. All of a sudden, you're starving. You proceed to spend $20 on a bottle of water and a bag of chips. These stressful situations have happened to all of us, me included. Have you dealt with similar situations? Travel is not meant to be stressful. Sometimes it's for business, sometimes it's for pleasure, but it's never so you can have more stress in your life. It's no secret that I LOVE to travel. I am always dreaming of new destinations and planning my next trip. Traveling all over the world has helped me come up with a list of my all-time favorite travel essentials that will have you enjoying your trip more and stressing less.

Thread Wallets
Guys, Thread Wallets are seriously life changing. They make the cutest lanyards, wallets, and phone cases. My favorite combination is the wallet and lanyard. You can store up to 20 cards and cash in one of these bad boys. They are so compact and keep all of your stuff together. Plus, they come in the cutest patterns ever; there is something for everyone! When I travel, I use my Thread Wallets slim wallet with the matching lanyard. They don't have this exact print on their website anymore, but they have a bunch of other cute ones! I love this floral print for Spring and Summer. I keep my credit cards, Starbucks card, my ID and some cash inside. Thread Wallets are such high quality. I never worry about my cards or money falling out and getting lost. My slim wallet is my number one travel essential!

Sunglasses are not only a necessity for cute Instagram pictures, but they protect those eyes. I'm guilty of having like 100 pairs of sunglasses so I can choose a pair that matches my outfit best. There are hundreds of sunglasses brands out there. I, personally, am a sucker for cheap sunglasses.  The less I spend on each pair, the more pairs I can get! I bring 2-3 pairs on every vacation. I usually bring one expensive pair for pictures, and two cheap pairs for swimming/activities (that way I'm not sad if they get lost or broken). I have the cutest pair of black aviators from Quay that I bring for my expensive pair, and a few cheap pairs from Target/Forever 21!

Travel Cosmetic Bag
You need somewhere to stash your favorite beauty products when you're on-the-go, so be sure to pack a functional makeup bag. I always bring an obnoxiously big Victoria's Secret zipper bag or my new Yosoo Makeup Bag. My mom got me a Yosoo bag for Christmas and it has come in so handy! It's a cylindrical shape with a drawstring on top. I've seen it all over Facebook and Pinterest so I was so excited to try it out! HERE is a link to it if you want to see what I'm talking about. It fits so much stuff and has tons of pockets on the inside so you can stay organized. I love the thick material that it's made of. It keeps all your beauty products safe! I've even used this as a tiny little camera bag. It has tons of uses! Other than my makeup bag that I bring for cosmetics, I also bring one in my carry on. I use a small makeup bag or zipper pouch. Inside, I have wet wipes, hair ties, touch up makeup, gum, pens, and chapstick inside. This tiny bag filled with random stuff has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion.

Water Bottle
I'm not about to pay $10 for an airport water bottle. I love bringing my own empty water bottle when I fly or one full of ice water when I'm driving somewhere. Another idea is to ask for an ice water if you stop somewhere to get coffee. It's free, and there's nothing more refreshing than an ice cold glass of water. I love Camelback water bottles for travel. They are super durable and high quality, so they won't get broken if they get banged around.

Buying food on trips can be a huge expense. Whether I'm headed on a plane, in a car, or on a cruise, I always have a bag full of snacks. An obvious benefit of this is that you don't have to spend a ton on money on food. It's also awesome because once you eat all the food on vacation, you have a ton of empty space in your bag to bring stuff back that you bought! Some of my personal favorite snacks to bring with are granola bars, beef jerky, goldfish, and fruit snacks.

Headphones and Adapter
Raise your hand if you're still annoyed that Apple changed the headphones jacks on iPhones. I seriously never remember to bring my adapter with me and it is so annoying! Since I always like to keep headphones on me, I came up with the perfect solution. I use my old apple headphones with a normal headphone jack and my adapter to make them fit my iPhone 7. I just keep the adapter attached to the headphones when I travel and can take it off if needed. I do this instead of using my iPhone 7 headphones because some airplanes have DVD players on them. That way, my headphones fit my phone and the DVD player, and I don't have to travel with multiple pairs of headphones! I also have a really good hack for keeping your headphones from getting all tangled up. I use a mini binder clip from any office supply store to store them. I just roll my headphones up and put the clip on the side and it works perfectly!

Honestly, this is an everyday essential. When I'm on-the-go, I like to either stop somewhere to buy coffee or drink prepackaged bottled ones from the grocery store. I love the bottled Starbucks Frappuchinos and also the new Starbucks Cold Brew bottles! If I stop somewhere, it's usually Starbucks (obviously) or Dunkin. Sometimes I try small local coffee shops, but those are never in airports and usually don't have drive thru's.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post about my all-time favorite travel essentials. Nomatter where you're headed next, take these tips with you to have the best trip ever. Thank you again to Thread Wallets for working with me on this post. You can check out their website HERE. They are super affordable, so you can buy a bunch!

Fitness Fridays: My Favorite Places to Buy Activewear

Arguably the best part of working is out wearing cute gym clothes. Considering I wear leggings every single day and not just when I'm working out, my closet needs to be stocked with workout clothes all the time.  I hope to be trying out some new brands as I get more into working out. I have a few favorite places that are my go-tos for purchasing workout clothes. Some of them are pricey and some are cheap, so I arranged them in order from most expensive to least expensive.

Most Expensive: Lululemon
Let me just say, the price is so worth it. Lululemon produces such high quality clothes and they always come out with such cute designs. They have every kind of clothing you could ever want, from pants to jackets. They also have workout accessories like yoga mats and waterbottles and accessories like hats and headbands. Some of my favorite products from Lululemon are their Wunder Under leggings and their small duffel bag!

A close second in price to Lululemon, Athleta is a sister company of Gap and Old Navy. They have a lot of similar things to Lululemon at about the same price range. My favorite thing about Athleta clothing is that they have more "casual" athletic clothing, meaning most of their pieces you could wear going out after the gym and not look out of place.

This store is my go-to for pretty much everything, so of course I am a regular in their activewear section. Target has a huge selection of leggings and sports bras! They also have some really cute jackets and shorts. They have a good selection of workout shoes and equipment too; it's the perfect one-stop shop!

Least Expensive: Old Navy
Old Navy has so many pieces under $20. They have an awesome clearance section where I've found tank tops and shorts for under $5! You just have to know where to look. I check the clearance section every time I'm there for new workout clothes. Even if you buy their activewear full priced though, it is super affordable.

What are your favorite stores to shop for workout clothes? Leave a comment down below letting me know!

March 2018 Favorites

March was another amazing month! I had the most fun spring break trip and took some of my favorite products with me to make the trip even better. Here's what I was loving last month:
  • Tied Basic Tshirts. I have been obsessed with basic tshirts lately. I love to wear them with high waisted pants or leggings. I buy them super oversized so I can make a cute little knot in the front.
  • Adidas Slides. I bought these slide sandals for vacation and I wore them almost every single day over Spring Break. They are super comfy and easy to throw on. Plus who doesn't love black and white stripes?!
  • Victoria's Secret One Piece Swimsuit. I got a new one piece swimsuit from PINK awhile ago and I was loving it on vacation. It is super flattering and has a really cute lace up front detail.
  • Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion. This stuff is the best on sunburned skin! It feels cooling like aloe but also moisturizes like a nice thick lotion. And it smells amazing!
  • Eyelash Extensions. I got eyelash extensions for the first and second time in March and I definitely recommend them. They look so amazing with no effort.
  • Naked Skin Concealer. I got this new concealer last month and the coverage is amazing. It is so thick and creamy and feels like you have nothing on. Plus, it lasts all day long!
  • Santa Clarita Diet Season 2. This is one of my favorite shows of all time. Drew Barrymore is such an amazing actress and she makes this show. Season 2 just landed on Netflix, but Season 1 is still there too if you want to check it out! It's basically about this suburban mom who becomes undead and eats people.
  • Cayman Islands. I've said it a million times; Grand Cayman is the best place on earth. I took a spring break trip there in March and had the most amazing time.
  • Marble Suitcase. This suitcase is the best purchase I've ever made. I feel like I can fit so much in it because it's hard top, and the four spinning wheels make it so easy to maneuver through the airport.
What were you loving in March?! Leave a comment down below letting me know!

How to Get Clear Skin

Today's post is brought to you by a very special guest, my sister Madi. She struggled with acne for awhile and finally found a routine that cleared up her skin. She's here today to share it with you!

I started my Accutane journey in September 2017. For those who don't know, Accutane is a prescription vitamin A derivative that treats moderate to severe acne. It is an oral medication that you take for anywhere from 15-30 weeks depending on the severity of your acne. I didn't have the worst skin in the world, but it was something I really wanted to fix. I got a lot of cystic acne on my cheeks and chin. It was very painful, lasts forever, and can be very hard on your skin. I also had a lot of mila on my forehead, which is impossible to clear. I did a lot of different treatments before I decided to go on Accutane. I tried facials, chemical peels, laser treatments, antibiotics, and other acne medication. They helped for a short time, which was nice, but they weren't helping my acne go away and stay away. Obviously, Accutane isn't a miracle and can't make all of your acne go away forever. My doctor decided that it was likely the only thing that would help clear up my skin. I am currently on my sixth and final month of Accutane. Throughout this journey, I feel like I have learned a lot of tips on how to make this process a little easier. I did a lot of research before I started Accutane and didn't really find the answers I needed, so I wanted to help others out who might be in the same position.

I also think it's important to note that if you are not on/do not want to be on Accutane, this post contains a ton of helpful info for clearing up acne. My sister Jordan is not on Accutane and these tips have helped her skin tremendously.

My #1 Accutane Tip

MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE. You always hear the horror stories of lips and face skin peeling off but I think the prep before starting Accutane can help avoid peeling skin, or at least decrease it. Obviously, everyone has different skin types and different reactions from this medication, but this is what really helped me. I started putting tons of lotion and chapstick on the month before I started. I truly believe that helped my skin and lips a ton. I still had dry skin and lips during Accutane because it's impossible to avoid that completely, but the prep made it not so bad. My lips barely peeled. Every one in a while, the corners of my lips would crack. To help this, I would put triple antibiotic ointment on the corners of my lips at night and in the morning. I had chapstick everywhere; The pocket of my jacket, my backpack, my desk, and my nightstand. Everywhere. My lips definitely felt like they were burning when I didn't have chapstick on. You want to make sure you have some with you all the time, especially if you live in cooler climates!

Night Routine

Taking care of your skin gets a lot easier and has a lot fewer steps than before. Every morning and night I use my Fresh toner. This product is amazing! It is definitely one of my holy grails and I will continue to use it long after Accutane is done. I applied this with a cotton round in the morning before my makeup and at night after I washed my face.

At night, I wash my face with my Cetaphil cleanser. You want to make sure you are using gentle products on your skin since it becomes more sensitive and dry on Accutane. I would use my Foreo to wash my face with that cleanser two to three times a week. I didn't use my Foreo every day because I didn't want to dry my skin out even more.

Another one of my holy grail products that I will use for the rest of my life is the Fresh Sugar Face Polish. Your skin can feel kind of gross from all the lotion so it is important to exfoliate your dry skin. It is very easy to over-exfoliate your face though, and that can be bad. With this product, it's almost impossible to do that. It is made with natural ingredients and sugar so it dissolves by itself so you can't over-exfoliate, which is amazing. Afterwards, your skin feels so smooth and fresh. I usually did this two to three times a week or more depending on how dry or gross my face felt.

A few times a week I would also exfoliate my lips with the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. This makes your lips feel really good and helps get all the dead skin off and rejuvenates them. After all of these steps, I would apply my Fresh toner like I talked about above.


The last thing I would do was apply lotion. I used and tried a TON of different lotions throughout this process. If my skin was superrrr dry I would apply Vaseline to my face. Yep, Vaseline. I'm sure you're thinking "That's so thick, wouldn't it break you out?!" According to their website it is non-comedogenic and I would agree. It really locked the moisture into my skin and made it feel less dry. Just some tips for sleeping with Vaseline on your face: it makes grease stains all over your pillow, so I would put a towel over my pillow case. It also got in my hair a lot and made it look super greasy. To help with that, I would recommend showering in the morning or wearing a silk shower cap to sleep in so your hair is all covered. Other overnight face masks I use are the GlamGlow ThirstyMud and Origins Drink Up. I always put lotion under those masks as well. I used and purchased a lot of different lotions. I switch up my lotions at night but I definitely only use one or two different ones under my makeup. I know it's difficult to find good lotions to buy, so hopefully my reviews on them can help you! I'll be reviewing them below on a 10 point basis on how well they worked.

Cerave Moisturizing Lotion: 8/10. I really like this one. It is super affordable and it makes my skin feel really cool and refreshed. I really recommend this one and it is a good one to use under your makeup. I use this every night and morning and if I wasn't wearing makeup I would apply it throughout the day as well.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream: 7/10. This is the lotion I used under my makeup right when I started this journey. I liked it for the most part but occasionally it would rub off and leave little flaky things on my skin. I'm not sure if it was because I was applying too much or from my makeup brushes/sponge or what but other than that I liked it! I would totally recommend this for night use or if you weren't planning to wear makeup that day. It makes your face feel super cool and it smells really good. This is one of the lotions I still use at night.

True Cream Aqua Bomb: 9/10. I absolutely love this product. I had gotten a sample in my Sephora Play! Box and used it so quick I had to go buy the full size. The way this makes your skin feel is amazing. It cools your face and feels so refreshing. I love how it feels so light and not heavy but it is still so moisturizing. It absorbs so fast and looks very good under makeup too. Everyone needs to try this moisturizer! It is definitely a holy grail. I applied this lotion in the morning and at night and throughout the day if I wasn't wearing makeup.

It Cosmetics Secret Sauce: 8/10. I use this product mainly at night. It feels super nice and refreshing. I feel like it gives my skin the moisture it needs and makes it feel super hydrated without being thick and heavy. I have only good things to say about it. It soaks in really fast so it is super nice to apply under makeup as well.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: 5/10. This one was not one of my favorites when I was in the midst of things. It didn't really feel like it was moisturizing my skin at all. It also kind of left a filmy feeling on my face which I didn't like. Now that my skin isn't as dry, it is a good everyday lotion and I would recommend it for that. I would not recommend it when you are in the middle of acne treatment. It was okay under makeup. I feel neutral about it - I didn't really feel like it did anything good or bad.

Glamglow Matte Moisturizer: 10/10. I cannot say enough good things about this product!! It is AMAZING! I swear when I apply it under my makeup it makes it look flawless and not dry at all. It is also amazing to wear during the day, not just at night. Since it's matte, it doesn't make your skin look shiny, which I really liked. I would 100% recommend this product mainly in the morning and throughout the day.

The moral of the story is that there are tons of great moisturizers out there. Whichever one you choose, make sure to use it religiously. There's nothing worse than skin so dry it feels tight and peels off in chunks. Not only does moisturized skin feel better, it will help keep your acne at bay and makeup application will be much smoother!

Accutane Side Effects:

Accutane has a lot of side effects. I didn't experience a ton of them, which was a bonus. Some of the ones I did experience were dry skin and lips, bloody noses, cracking in the corners of my lips, dry scalp, and breakouts. I live in a colder climate so I wasn't that surprised about the bloody noses. I tend to get them in the winter anyways so it wasn't anything new. The breakouts were extremely tough. I didn't have the worst skin in the world prior to going on Accutane. I had never experienced acne as bad as when I was on Accutane. It sounds counterproductive. Why would I go on an acne medicine if it makes my acne worse? Before your acne can get better, your skin has to "purge" out all of the acne that you have under the surface by making it become visible. I got a lot of cystic acne throughout the "purging" parts which I wasn't that surprised about. Anyone who has cystic acne MUST buy THIS product! It is amazing! I have already repurchased it two times. The first time I purchased it was prior to going on Accutane. If you have cystic acne, you know how long it sticks around. If you have never experienced it, take my word for it. Cystic acne is terrible. It literally sticks around for weeks. Yes, weeks. I found this product online and was a little skeptical before I tried it since cystic acne is very hard to treat and get rid of. But let me tell you, I am so happy I found this product. I am not even kidding when I say that it made cystic pimples go away in two days! Two days!! It cut the length of time I had them in thirds! I couldn't even believe it. Truly a miracle. I used to put it on the spots where I would get them every night since I knew they would eventually pop up in those spots again. When I was on Accutane, I would only apply it when I felt one coming since I didn't want to dry out my skin too much. I'm sure you are dying to know what this product I've been raving about is called. It is the Renee Rouleau Anti-Cystic Acne Treatment. I promise if you have cystic acne you will NOT regret buying this. One thing that did change is my breakouts went away very fast. Prior to this, they stuck around for a while. During Accutane, they probably took a max of three days to go away. Another side effect of Accutane is dry scalp. As far as this goes, I was actually really happy about it. Before, my hair would get greasy very fast. Now it is normal and I can go a week without having to wash it. For me personally, I really liked this.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it was helpful. Remember that even though acne feels like the end of the world, it is not forever. As cliche as it sounds, you are beautiful the way you are and acne does not define you. 
Leave a comment below sharing your acne journey and skincare tips!

Packing List for a Beach Vacation + Free Printable

Spring break is in less than two weeks so I am just starting to pack. I usually wait until the very last minute but this year I wanted to be more prepared. I always always always make a checklist when I'm packing to make sure I got everything! I thought I'd share my packing list for beach vacations with you here. The best part is that I fit all of this into a carry on suitcase and personal item! Here's what I pack (give or take a few items) for every beach trip. Of course it includes the obvious, basic items, but it also includes a few important things you might not have considered! If you want to know what I pack in my beach bag while I'm on vacation, you can check out my last post HERE.

I made this checklist into a free downloadable printable for you guys so you can download it before your next trip! Click HERE to download it! What are your must-pack items for beach vacations? Leave a comment down below letting me know!

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